Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Greatest Gift: Fantasy Football

Kind of a lazy Sunday morning. Munchkin seems to be feeling a little better, and me, too. I have two things for you this morning. The first is a random story from last week that I thought was cute, and the second is an ode to fantasy football…

First, Munchkin and her class have been instructed for their English and Social Studies classes to read the front page of The Boston Globe every morning, and then they discuss it at school. So, she dutifully reads the paper every day, asking us questions about things she doesn’t understand. The following conversation took place early last week:

Munchkin: I think you should vote for Kerry Healey for governor
Me: How come?
Mnuchkin: Because we should have a girl governor. That would be neat.
Me: Well ok, but Deval Patrick is from the South Side [I think I know the project he grew up in and it is only little ways from where we lived in Chicago]
Munchkin: (confused) Hmm. Darn. Well then, I don’t know who you should vote for.

Anyway, I thought it was cute.

Subject #2, why I love fantasy football. Now, I don’t have the slightest interest in football. I always liked the Bears just because everyone in Chicago does, but that was about it. I did date a guy in college for almost a year (and nearly married him…we will get to that someday) who plays in the NFL now. During that time I did pick up the basics of running, passing, first downs, touchdowns and field goals, etc. After we split (we didn’t really break up, to be honest…he turned pro and I wasn’t ready to leave school) I went back to my original status of not caring about football.

Smoking Hot Roommate, however, is a HUGE sports fan, as is Munchkin. SHR has a fantasy football team with some guy friends of hers, and this year she has brought Munchkin in as her co-manager. As a result, at about Noon every Sunday, they get pizza, make a bunch of snacks and park themselves in front of the TV to follow their team all afternoon. Which is my chance to sneak away and do errands for a while.

And by “errands”, I mean “a solid two hours of hot, sweaty sex.” I think I probably have a higher sex drive than average, and until last year, I was used to having basically complete freedom to get my rocks off however and whenever I saw fit. A freedom I took pretty good advantage of, by the way… In the interest of setting a good and appropriate example for the midget, however, I have had to cut back on those kinds of activities, and at 24, it is not always the easiest thing.

Not that I am really “complaining” per se…it is a small price to pay to have her around. I still get plenty, and The Boy knows how to push my buttons in all the right ways (ok, if he didn’t, I would probably just order him, too:-D). It would be completely inaccurate to imply that my sex life was significantly lacking. It is, however, different. Gone are the three, four and five (hee hee) hour, “I lost count” marathons that leave me exhausted, sore and tired in all the right way. The sex gets a little quicker and more urgent… supplemented by a greater appreciation of the time I actually have to do it.

Not on Sundays, though…thanks to my new favorite pastime, fantasy football…I get a good old-fashioned, all-afternoon banging. No urgency, no rush, just a whole afternoon with my adorable, naked and willing boyfriend:-D

Who’s playing, anyway?

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