Saturday, October 21, 2006

Simple Pleasures

Until about a year ago, the chances of me being awake and writing at 9:00 am on a Saturday would have been pretty slim. Like most people my age, I would have been sleeping soundly in preparation for the nursing of a hangover. I also probably wouldn’t have been alone, which gets to one of the few downsides of accidental motherhood…there is less sex.

I guess there doesn’t have to be, but that is sort of a choice I have made. I am not ever going to win any awards for my adherence to Christian morals, not do I aspire to, but I am aware that there are impressionable youth around, and there are things that I feel like are not appropriate for her to see. Which means no boys staying over when Munchkin is around (this is probably temporary, for later today I will probably introduce you to The Boy, who is probably pretty close to reaching the stage where I feel like it is ok for her to see him staying over. I am getting way off topic.)

Back to the theme of this post: “simple pleasures”. I have never been an early riser. Smoking Hot Roomate is…she sleeps about four hours a day and gets up before 6:00 most days and runs like 7 miles. If I haven’t mentioned, she can be weird…hee hee. For me, however, anything before Noon on a weekend would have been considered getting up early until pretty recently.

But…I absolutely LOVE getting up for soccer game Saturdays in the fall. Munchkin plays soccer, and all the games are on Saturday mornings. So we have a fall Saturday routine. She wakes up before me usually, and will either hang out with Smoking Hot Roomate for a bit or she will come and wake me up. Then we get dressed, walk to Dunkin Donuts for coffee (me) and orange juice (her) and then walk over to her game. During the games I usually just sit and kind of veg, or I chat with the other parents about parent stuff. Then after the game we go back to Dunkin Donuts to get bagels (plain and plain for Munchkin, onion and veggie for me, plain and smoked salmon for SHR) more coffee and hot chocolate. It is a very simple and pleasant time of the week. It’s peaceful, and I look forward to it intensely.

This morning, however, I am missing my favorite time of the week:-( Munchkin has been sick for a few days and can’t play in her game. She is actually still asleep.

Digression time…The Killers fucking rock. When You Were Young is on the video countdown and I think that song is the shit. “He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus, but he talks like a gentleman, like you imagined when you were young.” I think that speaks on a very intense level to the way young women are treated in too many places and the (lack of) aspiration that we instill in them. The fact that the song is on an album called Sam’s Town is just plain fucking weird on a personal level, but that is a REALLY long story that I may or may not tell. Maybe if you ask nicely (it is somewhat related to sort-of running away at 18…)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

So munchkin is sleeping still, and will probably be laid up all weekend. Normally, this extra sleep of hers would give me the chance to sneak off and partake in another one of my favorite pastimes…slipping into The Boy’s bed and getting my hump on…but he stayed at his sister’s place last night (twin sister…twins are weird!!!) which is too far away to get to and back quickly. It might also be a little strange to show up “Hey, if you don’t mind, I am gonna have sex with you brother real quick and then take off.” Not that I am at all above that…Hee hee:-) Actually, I count his sister (and her wife…this is Massachusetts after all…) as very close friends and wouldn’t hesitate to do that at all, but anyway.

There is also a totally different reason why I am not going over there, which falls into a similar category of favorite pastimes, but I am not really ready to get into that just yet. No, it is not blogging.

Anyway, I have gotten totally off topic here. I intended to write about simple pleasures…like waking up on a cold winter night, looking at the alarm and seeing that it is like 3:25 and you can roll over and go back to sleep. For me, Saturday morning soccer games are just about the height of life, and I am bummed out that I am missing it this morning. Ahh well, maybe she wants to go and get Chicken Fingers and watch baseball tonight…that's another one…

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