Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I forget this part about work

I had wicked déjà vu this morning…I had a conversation with Munchkin about a test she has coming up this week that I really felt like I already had with her previous. Creepy. Now if I could just conjure up a conversation about how she did, I can put her mind at ease about it…

She worries about school all the time, but she also gets all A’s…she is just a little worry wart, that’s all.

I left out a detail in my work description yesterday. Actually two of them. One is that I am getting promoted in December to Senior Analyst (read the previous post and that will make more sense) and I also hear from a reliable little birdie that I will get something in the order of a 15% raise. I don’t think my job will change at all…they sort of dump a little bit more responsibility on me all the time, and I will still be low girl on the totem poll…but raises are awesome!

The second thing is that there are only three women on the investing staff. There is me, one partner…that’s Boss Foxy, who I haven’t forgotten about…and a senior associate who just started a couple of months ago. There are 21 guys, which makes for an interesting working environment. I think I see a completely different side of it as well. I am not the boss, and I am not someone any of them is trying to sleep with (yes, I believe that guys almost always hit on any girl they can…lol…except possibly the boss’s almost-daughter that they work with) so I get to see them with their guards down.

Which is very, very interesting. It kind of makes me wish I had big brothers growing up, but then also makes me glad I didn’t…lol. On the one hand, they are really cute in the way they get protective of me (yes, one of them got in a fist fight to defend my honor…awwwww…) but on the other, before I had The Boy, they made it a bit tough to meet anyone if I was out with them. But they keep me smiling, and a couple of them I count as dear friends, and their wives, too.

One last thing…I am not allowed to bring Smoking Hot Roommate or Big Sis with me when I hang out with them. Despite being mostly alpha males…young, good looking, rich…they are absolutely terrified of them both. First, they are both actually the boss’s daughters, as opposed to being just his pretend daughter like me;-), and second, they are both ridiculously hot and smarter than all of them. That is a combination that just doesn’t compute with them.

They also all realized that Smoking Hot Roommate was smoking hot when she was about 15, and they never quite knew how to handle the guilt over that. Finally, they all know that Big Sis will be running the place in 2 or 3 years (she doesn’t work here now, but she works at another firm in the same industry, and the succession plan is not a secret) and don’t really know how to deal with that either.

I used to hang out with the guys from work all the time…Wednesday was their night. Unfortunately I don’t get out with them much any more. Which is a shame…it is always a good time.

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