Monday, September 08, 2008

Contrary to Popular Belief...

Despite what you may have read in the Boston papers this morning, the Earth does not stop revolving on its axis because Tom Brady hurt his knee;-). However, if you would like to leave a little get well present for him on his doorstep, his condo is pretty easy to find. Just look for the super tall Brazilian woman walking around and ask her where it is:-)

Anyway, I feel like I am way behind in my blogging because I spent so much time writing about politics last week. Really, the last two weeks. Which is you have probably gathered, I am sort of a civics geek and I really like that stuff, so it is fun for me. Probably less so for anyone who has to read my

Of course, being behind would imply that I have quite a bit to write about, and I really don't:-) Munchkin and I went for a long walk and some pretend house shopping yesterday which was fun. It was a beautiful day, and it was just nice to be able to putz around and do nothing for a while. And eat ice cream:-).

I have two silly stories about her. One, if we are in different places, she has to call me before she goes to bed. Not that I make her, just that she says she can't sleep if she doesn't:-). Which is actually fine because I would probably have to call her if she didn't call me:-P. So, she called me at about midnight on Saturday, just because she missed me:-).

She also had something like the following conversation with her brother on Sunday:

Munchkin: AM keeps yelling at me about what I wear.
Brother: How come?
Munchkin: She says the stuff I pick out is too sexy.
Brother: You should listen to your sister, she is very smart.

So, I take back at least some of the bad things I said about him;-P

Anyway, this post has taken me about three hours to write, and contains no real content. Looks like I could be in for a slow week!!!

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