Friday, September 26, 2008

A Rainy Weekend is Still a Weekend

"When the market crashed in 1929, FDR went on television to talk to the American people," says Joe Biden, not knowing that a) there were no televisions, and b) as Governor of New York in 1929, it is unlikely that most Americans were really looking for his guidance...

"I will have to get back to you with those!" says a chippy Sarah Palin when asked for some specific examples from Senator McCain's record.

Can we maybe beef up the Presidential Secret Service detail, just to be safe?

[In fairness to Governor Palin, not knowing all the specifics of another person's record is was just the tone she delivered the answer in that was weird... As for Biden, well he was trying to sound like a smart-ass and may have proved the opposite...]

Anyway...who loves Fridays? I know I do, even if there is supposed to be a big storm coming this weekend. It has been reported to me that it is raining like crazy in New York, and that is all headed this way in the next day or so. Which wouldn't be the worst thing in the world...I don't mind curling up on the sofa with foul weather raging outside:-)

So, let's see...nothing huge going on. Chicken fingers were delightful:-) Smoking Hot Roommate and the Rocket Scientist came with us, and some other people dropped by, including Boss Foxy, who was taking her son to the Red Sox game. Got home in plenty of time for The Office (pretty good) and into bed relatively early for some absolutely mind-blowing sex...not sure what the occasion was, but it was super hot last night. Me smiling.

The Boy is going to be away all weekend...he and his Dad are going down to help his brother with some renovation stuff. Not sure if the rain will be an issue for that...I have no idea what they really need to do. I was going to go with him,, I guess I wasn't really gonna go...:-D.

We will have to see about soccer in the morning, the forecast is not very promising at all. As much as I love sitting out on Fall mornings to watch soccer games, I do not appreciate doing it in the rain one bit. Munchkin is disappearing on me again tomorrow night to sleep over at a friend's house, and I have a date with Smoking Hot Roommate:-) Fun times!

I guess that is about all...kinda boring, I know. But it is Friday, isn't the impending weekend excitement enough?


Princess Extraordinaire said...

Both Biden and Palin's remarks firghten me.....and speaking of the stock market crash I am nervous we are on the precipus of another...argh!!Have a great, cozy weekend!

ella said...

I'm pretty sure that Henry Kissinger supports talks "without preconditions".

Man, Palin is such a train wreck.

jojo said...

Actually, especially excellent sex is never a boring subject. ;)

laurwilk said...

3 hours and counting for this girl! I will take a rainy weekend over a sunny week, no doubt. I just spent over 3 hours at the post office. Not a happy camper.

Have a great weekend!

Maxie said...

I agree with you about it being the way Palin said it. It would be different if that's the only thing she didn't know, but during the interview with Katie she just kept repeating the same answer over and over-- just like a script. I can't wait until next week for the VP debate.