Friday, September 12, 2008

A day in the life

I went to bed alone, but knowing you would follow. You said you had some work to finish and wanted to watch the rest of the game before you turned it. I promised to warm the bed up and leave ample room and kissed you good night. I am not sure if I was asleep when you came to bed, I think I was, but just barely.

Your chest was cool against my bare back. Your arm was strong and snug and I grabbed hold of it and held it to my chest. You kissed my neck and pressed against me and I hummed with approval. Your hands were soft but your touch is firm against my stomach and chest and between my legs. Another purr, this one more mischievous, escaped my lips in consent.

This would have been easier if I had been totally naked, but it took you no time at all to remedy that. You hands lingered over my smooth legs after removing my only shred of clothing, and a shiver ran straight up my spine. Mmm.

And then you were inside of me and your warm breathing quickened on my neck. It was slow, and meaningful and it felt good. I rolled onto my stomach and you were on top of me, your hand finding its way down my stomach and between my legs and setting off an explosion of tingling and shaking in a wave of orgasm. You stayed motionless while I finished, your muscles flexed as you held yourself above me and I pressed up and against you, and then collapsed, heaving and breathy.

After a moment, the strokes started, slow and deliberate. I always sense that you are worried you will hurt me in this position. But you won't, and I reminded you of that with a subtle lift and some well-chosen words. And then the quickening breath...and the tensed muscles, and the last heavy lunge...and you quivered and I could feel you coming inside of me. Held momentarily, your breath escaped in one large gasp and you fell, exhausted next to me on the bed, searching for breath.

Looking up from your back, you told me you loved me and I rolled over, curling up in the crook of your shoulder and arm, pressed against your chest. I love you, too. And then I was asleep again, falling quickly and comfortable into darkness. You smelled good, and your heartbeat is now the comforting sound of home. I think I dreamed about you, but I am not sure the dreams were much better than reality.

When I awoke, you were already gone from the bed. Pulling on some clothes, I emerged from the bedroom to find the two of you in the kitchen. She was sitting on the stool at the breakfast bar with a bowl of Cheerios and the newspaper. She doesn't really "read" the paper so much as she scans the headlines and gets the score of the Cubs game. But she likes to have it open while she eats breakfast. I don't know what you were talking about...could have been sports, or politics, or TV or school or really anything. It doesn't matter...but you were both laughing and smiling. And I smiled, too. Good morning. You look handsome in that suit. More than usual:-)

And this, I thought, just may be as good as it gets. And I am totally OK with that.


notbubbly said...

Awesome post!

The beginning had such a different feel from the end, which made me all happy and teary for you!

laurwilk said...

Good post, AM! Haha, way to end the week. Have fun at the beach. I am jeaalous!

kristin said...

i LOVE it.

Chicago Girl said... that is definitely..erotica i was not expecting on this blog but thats awesome you have someone you feel that way about!!

Anonymous said...

that sounds wonderful.

Lori S-C said...

Wow. Beautiful writing.

Lpeg said...

Loved it! Slow to racy to loving :)

That end picture is just so sweet. I'm glad you've finally found your family :)

Ys said...

your heartbeat is now the comforting sound of home

I know exactly what you mean. Beautiful :)