Friday, September 19, 2008

Stocks, Socks and Soccer

Can we talk about how ridiculous the stock market is? Down 500 Monday, up 200 Tuesday, Down 450 Wednesday, up 400 Thursday, and now it is up 400 right off the bat today. End result? As of now it is kind of back where it was last week at this time. So...I guess, nothing?

That doesn't mean that The Boy didn't have a whole bunch of late nights this week, though. Who thinks he deserves a back rub when he gets home? I do:-)

It is way too fucking cold outside. Yesterday was cool and fallish, and it was really crisp last night...but this morning was a total slap in the face. I think it was under 60 degrees, which is just complete and total bullshit, if you ask me. And you did ask me, dam nit! The weekend is supposed to be pretty nice, though, which is good. Chilly nights (in the 40's!!! Ugh!!!) but days up to and into the 70's.

Too bad my super cute socks from Vicky's Secret didn't fit...they would be outstanding for this kind of weather. Munchkin wore hers to school today and I was super jealous. They also match her school uniform perfectly:-D. If SHR tells me she has hers on, too, then I will be super super jealous. I assume they were not a huge hit, since I can't even find the picture anymore at the website, so you will just have to remember them from the last time I wrote about them (maroon thigh-high cotton socks...cute!!!)

Chicken fingers were lovely:-) Just me and Munchkin at the start, but The Boy met us when he finally got out of work (and put back his first beer in about seven seconds...long day!) and Smoking Hot Roommate and The Rocket Scientist stopped by on their way out, too. So that was nice:-) I am going to have to make sure that I make enough alone time with Munchkin now. Shouldn't be a problem, but I have to keep an eye on it.

She is still, for the record, driving all of the boys absolutely out of their minds;-). There is no current boyfriend, but there are several vying for the position...

Soccer tomorrow morning, which will be a welcome return to one of my favorite traditions. I may hate fall, but I love Saturday morning soccer games:-) And if that makes me a dork, well, so be it!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend:-) Enjoy the weather while we still have it, I guess...God, I hate winter...


A said...

Who in their right mind wouldn't love Saturday AM soccer games?! :)

Accidentally Me said...

Good question! Maybe someone who had to get up that early and run around...hee hee. But it is a nice excuse to sit in the sun and enjoy the morning for me! Sometimes I even pay attention to the games:)

Heather said...

Ugh, I hate fall nights, too! Too chilly for me, and gets me cranky knowing winter's coming.