Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate! Debate! Debate!

Who is the dork sitting home watching the debates? Yea...I am!!! How is that for a hot young city chick...watching TV on a Friday night;-)

At least I can be pretty sure that Brandy is watching along with me! I will admit to giggling when McCain first said "My friends," per her drinking game:-)

Quick recap: I thought it was actually a pretty strong night for both. I have to feel like each was pretty happy with his performance. A little too much bickering early on, and neither would answer the first two questions, but neither is a naturally good debater and they both did OK.

McCain did a good job of striking early on and deflecting much of the economic news that has sunk him this week. I felt like he was a little more on the offensive for most of the night, especially when they were talking about Iran (which, if you recall, was an area that Hillary Clinton beat him up on during the primary debates).

In a similar fashion, Obama hit his talking points, he didn't stutter over his words too much and he seemed to have a pretty good grasp of the foreign policy stuff that is his weakest point. He said "John is right," a lot, which could resonate either way...we will have to see.

As with most debates, there was no real clear winner. I am sure that each side's supporters got what they wanted, and the remaining undecideds got some things they liked from each of them. McCain was maybe a little condescending, but also maybe not.

Will this move the needle on the election? Maybe a point or two towards McCain, which is not totally unexpected...he has had an awful two weeks and this covered a lot of stuff that is his strong suit...but we will just have to see, now won't we:-)


brandy said...

I thought it was pretty even. Obviously both had their strong moments and weak moments, but overall... I don't think either of them hit it out of the park.

I would say that McCain was pretty condescending. The constant "Obama doesn't understand" and refusing to even look at his opponent the entire night just seemed unnecessary. I think it's possible to still appear as an aggressive politician while looking at the person you are talking about.

Also? You know me too well. ;)

jamie said...

I watched part of it, and yes, a little too much bickering. I would agree that they both got their main points across and I am interested to see what affect, if any, this plays on the election...

Hope you had a great weekend!

Ys said...

McCain is hilarious to watch on the sound-bites that are shown on the news here. His soft, calm voice and condescending tone... To me he looks like just another Bush: fake.