Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Regretting Dinner

Munchkin, Big Sis, Smoking Hot Roommate and I dropped in on the traditional Monday Night "10 Cent Wings and Cheap Beer Guy Fest" last night. The Boy, The Rocket Scientist and some other of their various guy friends spend most Mondays in the fall at various bars that sell cheap wings and cheap beers. And last night, we joined them, as did a couple girlfriends of the guys.

The Boy made it through yesterday pretty well. For those just catching up, he is a money manager whose work life is very much tied to the stock market. When the market does crazy things (like yesterday), he tends to have massively long, hard days at work. However, yesterday was apparently not that bad...to hear him tell it, the market sort of cratered, but it did so in a rational, orderly manner...I am not sure that makes it any better for my 401K!!! Long and short, he was out of work by 7:00, which is not too bad at all.

I made Munchkin leave with me at halftime, which she was a little torqued about, but it is a school night...and while I may be the coolest Mom in the Seventh Grade, she does need to be in bed at a somewhat reasonable hour. I know she likes to be a big kid, but sometimes I have to remind her that she is a little kid;-)

One minor issue...eating that many Buffalo wings may seem like a good idea at the time, but I am regretting it now. I don't know exactly how many I had, but it was a lot, and they were very spicy. The burning in my lips and mouth was gone by the time I went to bed, but the rest of the digestive system is not real happy about that right now. Big Sis came to me with a hilariously funny but disgustingly gross comment this morning about how infusing toilet paper with blue cheese dressing could be worth looking into. I will let you fill in the blanks on that one...

Soccer game today that I am going to try and skip out of work early for. As a firm we are not terribly busy these days (no one who relies on credit markets is...since they have pretty dramatically locked up. We have been effected much less than other firms like us, but it still has slowed the pace of work) which makes it easier to do things like that. Not that I have ever really had trouble getting away from the office when I need to, but going to afternoon soccer games is a real treat.

I am sure I can talk at least one friend out of work this afternoon to come with me:-). No one really likes work all that much anyway...:-D

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Rachel said...

Have fun at the soccer game, and I can totally relate to you about the Buffalo Wings. I had them last night too...