Saturday, February 10, 2007


Got out of work a little early, grabbed Munchkin from school and made it to Chicago by about 7:30. Got her to her Uncle's, dropped our shit at the BFF's place and made it to dinner by 8:30, which was about the best timing I could have hoped for (the time change helps;-).

On a separate subject, BFFg is a nurse, and she recently started working with a girl we knew in school that we were sort of friendly with. That girl is still really close with all of her friends, so the BFFs have seen them a bunch recently, and last night we were meeting all of them. It is always really fun to see people that you haven't seen in a really long time (I haven't seen any of them in like 5 years).

It is also sort of weird to sort of re-meet people after a while. These are all people that I would have said were "friends" in the sense that I saw them at school every day, liked them and got along with them, but never hung out with them away from school. BFFg said "I sort of wish that we had hung out with them more," and I agree with her. When I look back, we should have realized that they were a lot like us, it was pretty obvious...and school would have been better if we knew more people like us (very long subject, not enough time right now...)

Anyway, I was kind of tired, so we turned in sort of early and I was in bed by 12:00 and asleep by 1:00 (I will let your dirty little minds fill in that hour). It's always nice to wake up next to The Boy, and for more than just the easy access (although I do like that part:-P). And then he offered to go to Starbucks...who is nicer than he is? [Current temperature: 4. Current wind chill: -10.] Plus, he is hot:-)

Well, I am off for the day...Munchkin and Tinkerbelle's first meeting:-) Hope everyone has a good weekend.


Still just me said...

I just woke up and Starbucks sounds so good right now!

socal sweetie said...

Wow, is the weather seriously that cold over there? That's crazy! Aw, Munchkin and Tinkerbelle are meeting for the first time, how exciting =D