Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Valentines Day Gift, Part II

OK, here is the more full story on Munchkin's Valentine's Day gift...

The first question that came up was "Where does a sixth grader get $500 for a bracelet?" ( jewelry estimation is brilliant...actual cost: $539). I don't exactly know the answer, but that part is not that surprising. Most of the kids that she goes to school with are quite affluent, so it is not really out of the question that a kid might have that much in a savings account and clean it out on a whim. He could also theoretically have a credit card...I am not sure.

That also sort of gets to why he may have thought it was appropriate. On the whole, the kids that she goes to school with are polite, un-snotty, hard-working and down to earth. I rarely ever get an "obnoxious rich kid" vibe from any of them. is impossible to grow up in the places these kids do and not have a view that is a bit skewed. If you see Dad buy Mom a $10,000 necklace just because he wants to be nice that week, then you probably start to think that a $539 bracelet is a normal Valentine's Day gift for you girlfriend.

This has been a concern of mine since I moved her out here...she is definitely different than the kids she goes to school with. (This is also why I made a point to get her into some non-school city soccer and she would meet friends from other places.) So far, it hasn't been a problem at all, and you have all heard me write at length about how warm and receptive everyone involved with the school has been. However, she is still different, and it becomes obvious yesterday.

Anyway, I called the kid's mother on Wednesday because I felt like the gift was a bit overboard. Apparently she had taken him shopping last weekend for a gift, and he really wanted to get this bracelet (I gotta say...with taste like this, he could be a keeper;-)), but she nixed that idea. They may be absurdly loaded, but she still thought that it would be too much for Valentine's Day. So, she said "No" and they picked out an adorable stuffed bear.

Well, Romeo wasn't to be denied, so he went back on his own and got the bracelet later on. Mom was not happy with this sneakiness (which means he probably hates me for ratting him out...good news is that he doesn't seem to have taken it out on Munchkin). Her suggestion was that Munchkin keep the bracelet, but I didn't think that was a real good idea. And to be honest...I don't think Munchkin wanted to keep it. So, she kept the bear and we gave the bracelet back yesterday morning...and I think that problem is solved. Maybe he can hold onto it and give it to her or some other girl in a more appropriate manner.

Fortunately, Munchkin is not at all broken up about this...I think she is sort of relieved. She is a really, really smart kid, and I don't think she felt comfortable taking that kind of a gift and the things that it says. She kinda likes having a boyfriend, but she also knows that 11 year olds don't have "relationships" and she doesn't want to act too much like an adult. [It sort of reminds me of The Simpsons episode where the new girl, voiced by Lisa Kudrow, moves in and everyone copies her and tries to act grown-up, and only Lisa wants to stay young...]

Anyway, we are leaving to go skiing after work and I am looking forward to it immensely. To recap, the parents of one of Munchkin's friends have a ski house in Vermont and offered to take five girls skiing for the long weekend...and I volunteered to go along and help them out. But I am not going to do any skiing, so I am going to have TONS of time to myself to bum around the house, read, write, soak in the tub, cook and just basically be by myself:-) I am looking forward to making chili all day tomorrow and spaghetti and meatballs Sunday. I assume the kids and the two parents will be skiing all day both days, which means I get the house to myself (no Boy, though...that would have been

I will have Internet, and lots of time. I am also kind of in an introspective mood and may write at length this weekend. Depends on where my head is.

Anyway, wish me luck! Five pre-teen girls can be a for the coolest Mom in the fifth grade.


e.b. said...

Have fun. I love Vermont and the idea of being holed up all weekend sounds wonderful. What town are you going to?

Anonymous said...

sounds like fun!

good luck!

Ally said...

At least Munchkin had her earlier experiences, which probably serve as a good reminder of reality (for most people) and keeps her so grounded (you probably help too:). In some ways, Munchkin has the best of both worlds: she has been without the advantages of an elite private school and seen how the world really is yet now she has those advantages (like this ski trip). You're smart to keep her involved in community activities.

I hope you guys have a splendid weekend!

brookem said...

Your weekend sounds like a blast! Have fun in VT- it's beautiful there.

It kind of baffles me how the little boy was able to back and purchase this thing all on his own... wow.

k.d. said...

you're a good cook?

happy 'ski house' weekend! =)

ella w. said...

I don't ski either.

It's interesting how Munchkin get it that 11 year olds don't have real relationships. That kid is definitely precocious.

Jordan said...

he probably did have his own credit card.. (of course in his parent's name)... most affluent kids carry one of their parent's cards. (they list their kids as account users)

cat said...

i'm pretty sure that day two will see some of the crowd decide they aren't going to hit the slopes for a second day.. so enjoy your solitude on day one!

Smoking Hot Roomate said...

That little punk better not think buying fancy gifts gives him the right to be fresh with my Munchkin. I'll have his hands cut off if they get a'wandering!!!

Accidentally Me said...

e.b. - Stowe, or somewhere near there.

Kate - Thanks:-)

Ally - On balance it has been really good. The trip to Europe, sailing in the Carribean...I like that she can do these things. I would have loved to do stuff like that when I was a kid, so I am glad that she can. As long as she doesn't give me any

Brookem - Yea, I sort of question the store, but I don't know exactly how it went down, so I can't say for sure.

K.d. - I am a willing cook. Good is another question.

Ella - She is really, really smart. And not just because she gets all A's. She is extremeley perseptive beyond her years.

Jordan - A lot of her friends do have cards (they don't use them much) so he very well may have.

Cat - A good point, and the cold won't help that;-)

SHR - I like the way you think...

socal sweetie said...

Have fun on your trip! I definitely think you did the right thing with the bracelet situation...I love how Munchkin is so grounded. I still can't believe he went and got the bracelet for her behind his mom's back!

laurwilk said...

Kind of a sweet little boy, actually.

We had a similar experience in my family (but it was siblings, not bf/gf). My Mom gave my 8 year old brother a blank check to buy my Christmas present. (There are 8 kids so we draw one name and get something nice.) Little bro knew I wanted a ring and so he went and got the most expensive ring at the jewelry store. I opened it and about died (as did my parents) and we're still not quite sure how the lady at the store let an 8 year old write a check for $350!!