Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ski Bunnies

First of all, I love The Boy extra much today...long story I don't wanna go into, but he said the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me before I left last night. He is a sweetie:-)

No issues getting up to Vermont...roads were clear and the traffic was not bad at all. The ride up was hilarious...I drove Munchkin and two other girls up and they basically giggled the whole way and talked about boys. Munchkin's boyfriend is apparently the cutest boy in the school and the sixth grade girls are all jealous that he has set his eyes on a younger women (Munchkin knows all of those girls and says none of them are mean at all, so the other two may be exaggerating).

The house is looks small when you pull in the driveway, but the front door is actually on the third floor. The property falls away from the road, so all the windows are on the back of the house. I woke up this morning and realized that the views are spectacular....snow-covered mountains and pine trees everywhere; it looks like a painting.

Anyway, the girls immediately got into their pajamas and turned a movie on. The Father, who was in kind of a foul mood all day (he is entitled...long week or work, then pack up to spend a weekend trapped in the woods with seven women...maybe not the best idea he has ever heard) announced that he was tired and wanted to go to bed. The Mother, a girl after my own heart, said "Let's open a bottle of wine and hit the jacuzzi!"

First is totally impossible for a 46 year-old human female's body to look that good after having four kids...absolutely ridiculous. OK, maybe she had her boobs lifted a bit...I dunno, but how do you have stomach muscles? After four kids!!! Anyway, she is almost twice my age but we had some fun "girl talk". Actually, we giggled and talked about I guess not much changes from 11 to 24 to 46.

She was lamenting their lack of free time (and its effects on their sex life) so I came up with the super-best idea ever. After dinner tonight I am gonna hang out with the girls and give them the whole evening to themselves, alone in their gigantic master suite. Their bedroom and the master bath are really secluded from the rest of the house, so they should get a whole bunch of peace and quiet. Maybe she can put that ridiculous body and that huge hot tub to a little different kind of use...hee hee.

So, I woke up after everyone left this morning, stopped at a coffee shop, went to the grocery store to get a whole mess of stuff and stopped at a florist to get some flowers too. It is not too cold out...maybe mid-twenties or so, which is pretty good for here, I think. Then I started making chili, watched the news, took a shower and stared out the window at the mountains a lot. And every second of it was wonderful!!!

Everyone is on their way back for lunch, so I am gonna get started making sandwiches for everyone. Then I am going to maybe do a little work this afternoon, but mostly, I am gonna do nothing!!!


Ally said...

I've seen some 46 year old bodies like you're describing, and the only woman like that I've really gotten to know works out twice a day, eats a regimented diet, and rarely indulges. She's also had several surgeries. But surely there are a few women who do it naturally; it'd be fun to be one of those:)

Sounds like an awesome house, beautiful view, and a lovely weekend. Enjoy the rest of your stay!

p.s. For some reason, I'm not surprised Munchkin has caught the attention of the cutest boy.

ella w. said...

Madonna has a kick ass body and two kids she's in her 50s. Or Demi Moore (but I think she's gotten some word done). Then again if my whole life and career depending on your looks I'd work pretty hard on it too.

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I like having time to myself but know in the back of my mind that there will be people coming home in a few hours.

Accidentally Me said...

Those are some good examples...and this woman is in that kind of shape (if maybe not movie star hot). Demi Moore definitely had some work done...I think she talked about it around the "Striptease" days. But a little work doesn't get you looking like that after you have given requires a lot of time in the gym.

All-time hottest post-baby body has to be Heidi Klum...totally unfair.

Aaron said...

All boob talk aside.. could we get some pictures? Sometime? Anytime? And I don't want pics of boobs, but some pics of this so-called spectacular views would be nice.