Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Talk

Munchkin and I did a bunch of shopping yesterday, which led to a couple of interesting things. First, I ran into a kid I went to high school with in the grocery random is that? Honestly, it was weird and really awkward. He wasn't like a real good friend of mine, but I knew him and got along well enough.

So we went through the regular "How did you get here, what are you doing in Boston?" stuff. But there was something just a little off about him...I wouldn't say that he was on something, but he had that sort of nervous, distracted manner than people can get when they regularly use some stuff. It was all just kind of awkward and a little hard to describe.

Anyway, after that we had to go to the pharmacy because I needed to pick up birth control pills. So, about six months ago, I switched to a generic drug because it is cheaper and the doctor told me to give it a try. The girl in the pharmacy, who was about my age, said "Can I ask you a question? I take the brand name of this...have you noticed any differences?" That led to a brief discussion about birth control (I have had no issues, but SHR takes the same thing, and the generic wreaked havoc on her stomach so she had to switch back.)

I guess I hadn't really thought about Munchkin being there with me, but when we left, she asked "What are those pills for?" Yes, I noted the uncomfortable irony of this coming about 16 hours after her first kiss;-) But, I also felt like I really had to tell her the truth because it is really important that she not worry that I am sick.

So, we had a brief portion of "the talk". I told her what they for, and she asked the logical next question (she is in sex-ed, after all) "Do you and The Boy have sex?". OK, this was not really on the list of things I wanted to talk about yesterday, but I guess you can't really dictate the time and place of these things. So I told her the truth about that, too (I emphasized the "person you love" part and left out the "days of a million orgasms" get the drift).

She sort of left it at that, and I told her to always make sure she asked me any questions she had about any of this. All in all, it wasn't so bad...but my little Munchkin is growing up fast;-)

She ended up sleeping over at Papa Bear's, and The Boy and I had a lengthy and positive discussion that I may talk about tomorrow (you get awfully reflective over a couple glasses of wine in a hot But this is already too long for a Sunday, so it will have to wait;-)

p.s. I almost forgot...Go Bears!


Billy said...

I think you might wanna go ahead and put Munchkin on the pill. Mainly because you don't believe in guns and won't scare ANY boys.

ella w. said...

Hmmm...has Munchkin had sex ed yet?

Still just me said...

You did good. Always answer those questions honestly, but in an age appropiate manner. If you are able to give them the answers they need without embarrassment, then they will be more likely to come to you in the future with their problems.

Ally said...

Oh please Billy; she's 11 and never unsupervised. AM can wait at least another six months:)

So did Munchkin have many follow up questions? I didn't ever have any big sex talk with anyone--I think I just read Cosmo.

Accidentally Me said...

billy - You suck.

Ally - Stop encouraging him!

SJM - I think it is easier to talk to her about this as a sister than it would be as a mother.

Ella - Yup, they started about a month ago and have had like 3 or 4 classes covering all of the basics.

brookem said...

The relationship you two share is so special. She's lucky to have a cool older sister/mom to discuss these things with.

Aaron said...

I think you would have been better telling her that the pill is to keep you from getting cooties from boys. :D

Accidentally Me said...

Aaron - Damnit...where was that when I needed it!!!