Monday, February 19, 2007


I spent all afternoon watching kidding. I still don't get it, but I feel like I have learned something Turns out that the guy who brought all the girls up here is a big fan, and yesterday was like the biggest race of the year. So he watched NASCAR all afternoon and I was around so I watched it too. It actually makes for good background noise...I got a lot of work done because it is not too distracting. I really liked the car with the M&M's on it, they are really cute!

It is COLD outside. I went to get coffee after everyone left this morning and it was -6. Ouch. The girls all wanted to ski more, so they all bundled up and went back out for another day. I imagine they will quit at lunchtime so we can get on the road, but we will see.

I am looking forward to getting home. There is a limit to the amount of solitude I can handle, and I think I am reaching that limit. I am starting to get bored;-) Not that I don't enjoy sitting by the fire, but I am itching to get back to civilization.

Dinner at Big Sis' house tonight. Nothing special, but we haven't all gotten together as a "family" in a bit, and everyone is in town and available, so we are all gonna go over there tonight. That should be fun...always is! It will be nice to see The Boy after a couple days, too.

Then back to work and school tomorrow. The girls were all complaining because public schools have this week off and they don't. I tried to explain to them that they get a week in March, longer Christmas Break and the are done with school on Memorial Day, but they aren't having it right now. Short attention spans, I guess...


ella w. said...

I don't get the day off either! WAH!

But we do get the entire week between Christmas and New Years off. So I guess that is where those floating holidays go.

cat said...

aw i was hoping to hear more about the decision to move forward with the boy sleepovers!

i'm headed off to tahoe tonight for a couple days, but no solitude except perhaps for moments on the slopes..

Natural Southern Charm said...

I know what you mean about enjoying solitude, but it getting boring after a bit. It always makes going home that much better though! :)