Friday, February 02, 2007

Munchkin's Love Life

The best part about the last two blog entries, for me, is that many people have chosen to interpret them in different ways. That makes the discussion interesting, although I am not sure that I have much more to add to it beyond:

Some of you seem to have gotten the impression that this was a practical, and not theoretical discussion. The Boy and I are NOT moving in together, and will not be until we are married, or very close. Or, more specifically, my little sister is not moving in with The Boy until we are married;-)

Anyway, the more enjoyable topic: Munchkin’s boyfriend. I would also like to highlight the funniest comment I have gotten thus far:

Allen Madding said...
Munchkin has a boyfriend! Do you own a firearm?”

That seriously cracked me up. I should add the caveat that I hate guns, hate everything about them and don’t feel like anyone should own one for any reason. Additionally, you can’t convince me otherwise, so I would encourage you to save you second amendment breath;-) But…I still cracked up over that.

Anyway, the school has dances twice a year (maybe more often for the older kids) on Friday nights. It is sort of neat how they do it…the younger kids are there like 5-8, the junior high kids like 6-10 and the high school kids like 8-12. So there is some mixing (it is a small school, everyone knows everyone.)

Well, last year, three different boys asked Munchkin if she would be their “date”. I don’t know exactly what that entails, and my guess is that the fourth graders didn’t know either, but felt like it sounded cool. She said “no” to all of them (aw…my little heartbreaker) and told her teacher that it was because there are 14 boys and only 11 girls, so if everyone had dates, then there would be three boys that went alone. Very thoughtful of her, but then she admitted to me that she thought the boys were all “icky”.

So, she has basically been pretty anti-boy until now. They are at the age where they are starting to like each other again, but she has been pretty disinterested in the whole idea. She has a couple of good friends that are boys (c’mon, she is super cute and she loves sports, how can they resist her?) but has been non-interested in the whole boyfriend thing.

That seems to have changed, though. It seems that the cutest boy in the sixth grade has taken a shine to my little nugget, and she is somewhat smitten. Maybe it is the whole “older boy” thing, or possibly she just has her first real crush, but she claims to get real nervous and blushes a lot when he talks to her. And she was positively giddy when he asked if she would “go to the dance with him.”

I think all of this is adorable. I don’t really know what 11 and 12 year olds do when they “date”, but you can be assured that these 11 and 12 year olds are a lot tamer than some of the horror stories you hear on the news. In addition, I will give you one guess which of the school parents gets asked to chaperone these dances most often…why, the coolest Mom in the fifth grade, obviously. [Oh yeah, the high school boys think I am cute…so I have that going for me;-)] So, I am going to be there.

I know the boy and I know his parents, and he really is a super nice kid. Really cute, friendly…as good a target for her first crush as anyone, I guess. Still, I am not 100% sure that I am ready for this…we shall see.


Accidentally Me said...

Follow-up - I talked with BFFb a minute ago, and he has asked that I relay to the boy in question that he will break his legs if he is not nice to my little Munchkin:-)

allbilly said...

or if he trys to french kiss her or "feel her up"....break his legs and then let allen shoot him!

Accidentally Me said...

Feel her up? There is one key ingredient missing from that...boobs

ella w. said...

Hysterical comments! Is this the Soprano family?

Aaron said...

Guns are bad, mmmkay?

Tiffany 24/7 said...


Honestly, I think I'd rather have her start now with "boyfriends" than later and have to *ahem* explain more to her! :) Wow, I can't imagine all of the thoughts running through your head about this!

Allen... that is some funny stuff right there!!

So you mentioned chaperoning the dance and that you have done it before, so my question is "Does Munchkin having a 'boyfriend' change how she feels about you being there?"

Still just me said...

Oh, I remember my daughter's first crush. Thank you for bringing up that memory.

k.d. said...

ha! when i was 12 i thought all girls were *icky*! LOL

happy weekend!

Accidentally Me said...

Tiffany - No, I don't think it does. This is the one huge advantage of being sister and not mother...she treats these things totally differently with me than she would a parent.

SJM - Hopefully it is a good thought for you and makes your day better;-)

k.d. - I was already a total little hornball by 12...

brookem said...

Sorry my comments are late to these posts! How exciting that little Munchkin has a crush! (I love that you called her "nugget" btw). Good luck- can't wait for more updates!

laurwilk said...

Ohh, the first boyfriend! Rather exciting. You'll have to look at all those cute doodles and 'Munckin loves Ooompa' notes she writes.

My first boyfriend (in 4th grade) bought me a karate chop dog for Valentine's Day and asked me to a YMCA dance. We were pretty hot and heavy through eighth grade (and by that I mean, held hands once or twice at the movies).