Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Two Valentines:-)

We bagged the idea of going out last night and had dinner at our place instead...just me and my two tall, charming, handsome bunch of sexy, and one bubbling, adorable bundle of cuteness. I thought about cooking, but we did take-out instead, which was a good idea. Really, The Boy and Munchkin spent the whole time talking about school, her BF and sports, and I just sat and thought about how cute that was:-)

I made an exception to the sleepover rule because a) the weather was so foul that I would have felt bad making him walk across the Common to get home, and b) that made for a really good excuse to get me laid...hee hee.

I was on the verge of slipping into a comfortable post-sex sleep when, around 1:00 or so, I heard the shuffling of little feet and a knock on my door. Munchkin had a bad dream:-( So, I ditched The Boy and slept in her bed instead of my own...I am not much of a cuddler Basically, I used him for his body and then got out of there as soon as I could:-D

I had a bit of an issue yesterday, and I wanna hear what you think about how I handled it. I already talked about this with a couple people, but I want some comments from anyone else that has an opinion. The situation is this...Munchkin's BF went way overboard on a Valentine's gift.

He gave her a gold and white gold bracelet that is really, really nice, and that I would guess cost around $500. I feel like this is way too much for kids that are 11, and for kids that have been "going out" for all of a week and a half. question...especially for the parents that read...what would you have done? I will tell you what I actually did tomorrow...


Kate said...

wow. can munchkin's bf become mine? lol.

but seriously, that is way overboard. how could he possibly afford something like that? i would say thank you but make munckin return it. it's too much.

DIMPLES said...

I wouldn't let munchkin have it. are you sure it real though? i mean it could be fake right? I dunno. I would make her return it to him or you go to him mother and return it.

brookem said...

Wow. What was Munchkin's resonse? I don't know if I'd have her give it back. My first inclination is to say to do that. But then again, the kid couldn't have gotten it himself, with his own, what, allowence money? Maybe I would have called his parents? Or is that silly? I'm not sure.

k.d. said...

well, i don't think it's fake?! i don't have kids - but i guess i'd have a serious talk with his parents!

so basically you say that the foul weather is responsible for good sex! haha, awesome! :-P

ella w. said...

Pawn it!

GreenLineBoy said...

I'd explain to her why it's a little overboard if she doesn't already know. Then I might have a little chat with the boys parents. They might have some insight on it. If it truly is that expensive, that is quite excessive.

Accidentally Me said...

OK, I left out some key parts of the story on purpose. One is that I had a suspicion that this might happen, it was not totally out of the blue. He is really nuts about Munchkin (aren't we all!) and, like all of the other kids at their school, comes from a home with pretty substantial "resources".

Kate - The Boy said a similar thing..."I can't believe I was shown up by a sixth grader."

Dimples - Most definitely real.

Brookem - She was a little uncomfortable about it...I think she knew right away that it was too much.

k.d. - The foul weather does get me in that mood (who am I kidding? I am always in that mood...)

Ella - Best suggestion yet, by far.

GLB - She already knew that, so I didn't have to explain that part.

Nicole D. said...

I would definitely speak to the parents. Sixth grade is a little early to dish out that kind of cash for a V day gift! Geez...I was engaged once and my engagement ring was less expensive....LOL.

Jordan said...

Ella cracks me up!!