Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Super Random Blog Question...

OK, I have a serious debate question, but I am putting it off until Thursday in favor of a much sillier one (also, Ally may lay claim to it and ask before I get the chance.) This feeds nicely into my natural habit of being an absolute comment whore;-)

So, my silly blog question is...who do we think is the "Hottest International Political Figure." Today we are dealing only with women, but we could easily cover men later on if anyone wants to yell for equal time. I have a couple of nominees, but write-ins will be accepted. So, I have picked a handful, and here they are, in alphabetical order by country:

Jordan - Queen Rania. She has her own website, so she has that going for her... She is also six feet tall and looks like a slightly darker Cindy Crawford. It is good to be King.

Syria - First Lady Asma al-Assad. Not only is she gorgeous, but she is a Harvard MBA and a former investment banker at JP Morgan Chase.

Sweden - Princesses Madeline and Victoria. Madeline is in the blue dress, and I think she is cuter. Victoria is in the orange, and while she may not be as cute, she is first in line to the throne...that counts for something, right?

United Kingdom - Princess-to-Be Kate Middleton. I am bending the rules since she is not yet married to Prince William, and even then will be like the third Queen in line, but still...I think she is really pretty.

United States - The Bush Twins. Ok, I have a soft spot for drunken college chicks;-) They aren't really world leaders, either, but I wanted to open something of a sub-question to determine which one is hotter. I used to think it was Jenna (blond), but I think that Barbara has aged better. She has a Kate Beckinsale think going on, minus the totally hot double-automatic pistols from Underworld. Also, to stay bi-partisan, Chelsea Clinton has grown up nicely, and is actually kinda foxy in her own right.

So, those are the ones that I found in my quick search...any others? Voting commences immediately via comments, email and IM.


brookem said...

Out of all of those, I pick Queen Rania as my top vote.
I'll keep thinking for others.
I agree, I like the brown haired Bush (wow, that sounds really nasty, huh?) best. Ha!

Nicole D. said...

Absolutely Queen Rania. I do agree that she reminds me of Cindy Crawford.

Ally said...

Ah, I just finished writing a post on our chat:)

How old is the Middleton one? She looks older to me but still very attractive.

Aaron said...

Given the current ballot: Kate Middleton all the way.

And brown Bush > blonde Bush. :P

Accidentally Me said...

Ally - Born January 9, 1982...she just turned 25.

And I am withholding my vote so as to not skew the balloting

ella w. said...

I guess as long as you are a Prince of some sort you're going to be married to a drop dead gorgeous woman. I vote for Rania.