Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Seeing the Family This Weekend

It is not getting any warmer around here… I shouldn’t complain, it is much worse in the Midwest. Of course, I am going to the Midwest on Friday…so let’s all hope for some warmth by then.

So, The Boy is up for his first introduction to the WHOLE family this weekend. He has requested that I write out a family tree for him so that he can study it, but I am not sure that is even possible. There are way too many second marriages, half-siblings and such to make it useful in diagram form. Knowing my father’s family, they will all wear name tags for him;-)

It us gonna be a really busy weekend. BFFg is picking us up at the airport Friday and we are dropping Munchkin at her Uncle’s house. Then we are meeting some friends that I haven’t seen in a while, which will be good. Saturday morning I am picking Munchkin up so that we can go over and hang out with Tinkerbelle. This will be their first meeting, which should be fun. They aren’t actually related, but are both looking forward to meeting.

Then Munchkin is going back to her Uncle’s to meet up with her father’s entire family. She and her brother have a date Saturday night, I think. I am going to see my father’s family so that The Boy can meet them. He is actually going to a bachelor party with BFFb on Saturday night (who is the best girlfriend ever?) for a guy that I have know forever. Me and BFFg and some other girlfriends are gonna have some girl time;-)

Sunday we are gonna meet up with Munchkin again and we are all going to see some of our Mom’s family for brunch, then hang with the BFF’s all afternoon, and back to the airport around dinner time.

So, a busy weekend that hopefully allows us to see everyone I wanna see in a short period of time. And none of the people I don’t wanna see…


e.b. said...

That seems like quite a big deal and also like a very good boyfriend. Lucky lady.

brookem said...

You are lucky. Sounds like a good weekend.

Accidentally Me said...

He is a good boyfriend:-)