Saturday, February 10, 2007

Who met who?

Munchkin and Tinkerbelle are officially BFFs. They actually...weirdly...look a lot alike, so they make a good pair of pretend sisters (Munchkin and SHR look almost exactly alike, so apparently she has a weird ability to acquire pretend relatives that can pass as real ones.) We had a really good visit...Tinkerbelle approves of The Boy as well;-)

The time with my father's family was really fun, as always. Tinkerbelle and her Mom have been pretty much completely assimilated into the family, which is great to see. They don't have a lot of other family...Mom has one brother that she is real close with, and that is pretty much this is kind of a new and good experience for both of them, too. 'Belle lovers her cousins and they love her, too. My father's family is just a really warm, really funny, really loving group. They were not too rough on The Boy, although he got some of the good-natured abuse that only families can give out [yes, I feel really good writing that sentence.]

So...last night...I am not really sure where to got sort of out-of-control all around. I guess it started in the afternoon. The original plan: Munchkin and her brother had a date; I was going out with BFFg; and The Boy and BFFb were going to a bachelor party. When I dropped Munchkin off at her Uncle's house, I asked her brother what his girlfriend was up to while he and Munchkin went out at night. She was just planning on staying in, so I called her and told her that I was gonna kidnap her and she was gonna come out with us. (As I have written before, she is really nice, but she is kind shy, doesn't have a ton of friends around, and I don't think she really goes out much. Also, I am calling her "Clair" from here on reason, I just like the name;-))
So, we picked her up, and then The Boy, the BFF's, Clair and I hung out at the BFFs place until it was time to go out. And we started drinking...

Not only is Clair kinda shy, she also doesn't drink much. It turns out that the facade melts away pretty quickly when you get a drink into her...and also, she seems to like Cosmopolitans. Long and short, by the time we left, we were all already kinda skippy. I would say that the guys were downright drunk when they left, which is never a good start to a long night...

We met our girls at a bar downtown, and they had apparently prepared for the night out the same way that we getting There were seven of us, and I think me and Clair are the only ones with anything approximating boyfriends, so there was a lot of boy-meeting going on. BFFg was a total rock-star...guys were trying to work it left and right. The bad news is that there was not a lot to choose from, the good news is that I don't think any of us paid for a drink all night.

We left the first bar because we all wanted to go dancing. I don't get to go dancing nearly enough, but I could shake my ass forever and never get tired of it. And, not to be overly vain, but I have some serious skills on the dance floor:-D. That is not really the point of the story, though.

It was getting sort of late, and Clair was starting to get itchy because she had a long cab ride home. Well, that is easily solved "Hey, Munchkin's brother...we are having fun, so she isn't coming home, I will return her in the morning";-) I am such a bad influence...hee hee. I left out the part about dancing on a table...

Things really started to get silly at around 12:30. I called BFFb to check up on them, and he was having trouble stringing words together. He did, however, manage to get three points across:

1. They were at the largest strip club in the city (Chicagoans know which one)
2. The groom was requesting that we all meet them there
3. The Boy and Sam seemed to be getting along swimmingly...

Um...say what?

I have to acknowledge, this was not a complete surprise. BFFb had warned me that there was a good chance that Sam would be there, and we warned The Boy, too. They weren't gonna tell Sam, but he figured it out pretty quickly...he knew I was in town, so when BFFb said he was bringing a friend of his, Sam put the pieces together pretty quickly.

It was all good, was sort of a festive occasion and everyone was in a good mood. So, we went over and met them late night. I could write an entire post on Clair's reaction to the strip and complete sensory overload to the point that I think she was just giggling the whole time. I would have bought her a lap dance, but I think her head may have exploded.

The other complication was that, by this point, we were working an average blood alcohol content of somewhere on or about .2. I think we finally left at about 2:30 and, luckily, found a cab right away that would take all five of us home. When we got back, BFFg and I had to round up some clothes and stuff for Clair to sleep in...a process that took all of maybe 3 minutes. However, it was long enough that The Boy passed out on the couch. Out loving for me:-P

I suppose a good girlfriend would have slept on the couch with him, but the bed looked much more comfortable, so Clair and I took the bed (BFFg's bed, she slept in BFFb's...confused?) I did wake him up to move him into the bed when I took Clair home this morning, so he is currently sleeping soundly. We will see how much he likes me when I go and tell him he has to get up in 10 Meeting my mother's family with a raging hangover is probably not the best idea in the world, but that seems to be where we are;-)

Anyway, it's still ass-cold outside...hope it is warmer where you are!


Still just me said...

I am looking forward to a post about Sam and The Boy. I wonder what they talked about? Hmmmmmm...

Ally said...

I'm so glad the weekend went well (hope today did too) and that everyone got along so swimmingly.

Sounds like a very interesting night! I look forward to the details. Clair sounds like a trip; I'll bet she won't forget last night.

Aaron said...

That's awesome!

So... the Actress wants to take me dancing. Any suggestions for a white guy that's go no dance skills? (What does SHR do with her boyfriend?)

Accidentally Me said...

SJM - It's coming, but don't expect much;-)

Ally - Actually, I think she forgot most of it

Aaron - Have you seen 'Hitch'? There is great wisdom in his dance in your little zone. And the thought of the Rocket Scientist dancing is really, really funny. Think "Elaine Benes"