Friday, April 06, 2007

Er...April 26th...

OK, so I was wrong, and I really meant to ask if anyone knew what April 26th is. Thanks to Ella for catching my mistake... Ally has figured it out, and even left a clue in yesterday's comments.

April 26th actually turns out to be a couple of things. GreenLineBoy is correct, it is indeed National Pretzel Day. It is also Hug an Australian Day, Secretary's Day and Richter Scale Day. I guess that means you should hug your Australian Admin, eat a pretzel and measure some earthquakes to celebrate. Hmm...none of our Admins here are Australian, this could be tough.

Anyone ever watch Coupling on BBC America? There was an episode on last week divulging Susan's thing for Australians...I love that show. [Should I start alerting you to non-sequitor's before I write them?]

Honestly, I was all set to write about pubic hair maintenance today, but I feel like it is inappropriate on a religious holiday. I will hold that discussion until next week (unless I totally lose interest, which is likely.) I would complain about having to work on Good Friday, but it would be completely disingenuous of me...I'm not a practicing Catholic any other day of the year, so I can't really bitch about the one day that it would get me out of working. Ahh well, I am sure I can find some other reason to complain:-P

Munchkin's brother is flying in this afternoon, and I am pretty sure she still has no idea. I think I am gonna go and get them at the airport, tell Munchkin that I have to work late and have Smoking Hot Roommate pick her up and then meet us for dinner somewhere. The little one is gonna be super-excited, and it should be a good visit.

She is already pretty fired up for her birthday party tomorrow. Nothing, bowling and birthday cake for about 15 of her friends. I feel the urge to drink a lot during the party, but I feel like that may not really endear me to the other parents, so I will try and hold off until it is over. The Boy and I have a date after the party, so I will hold my drinking until then:-) Maybe I will stay at his place, I will have to think about that...

We are going out for brunch on Sunday morning, which should be fun, too. If the weather is OK, I would like to take another long Sunday-morning walk, but I think it is gonna be kinda cold. The Boy and I are heading to his parents' place for dinner, so I will be pretty well stuffed by the end of the day. Not sure if Munchkin is coming to that or not...The Boy's Mom really wants her to, but I have a feeling she is gonna be pretty beat after the long weekend, so we will have to see.

That is about it;-) Hope everyone has a good weekend, and Happy Easter to those that care, and Happy Passover (do you say "Happy"? Someone let me know the etiquette for that) for those that care about that;-)

Regardless of your Holiday choice, hopefully you can spend it with happy and healthy friends and family...


Kate said...

and happy whatever to you and yours. :)

Trixie said...

wow, there's a national pretzel day? i like the hug an australian day. ;)

have a wonderful holiday weekend and the party sounds fun!

MrWriteNow said...

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Hold it! Before you do that pubic hair maintenance entry, check this out.

Mandatory research.

You're welcome.

Aaron said...



What a hysterical show. I thought they canceled that? Is it still on? I've seen the first 4-5 episodes and I thought it was no more!