Saturday, April 07, 2007

Was the Easter Bunny Kind?

Happy Easter everyone! I bought Munchkin an Easter basket yesterday and piled it full of candy, at least 70% of which I will eat on my own:-)

Her birthday party was a smashing success, and she had a great time. A surprisingly large number of my friends (or Smoking Hot Roommate's, or The Boy's, get the picture) stopped by to wish her a Happy Birthday. Not surprisingly, little kids feel really cool when a lot of big kids pay attention to them, so she got a big kick out of all the well-wishes.

Towards the end, she was sitting between me and her brother and said "I really like when I have both of you around," or something to that effect. I know that she hopes deep down that her brother will decide to move out here to be closer to her, but for now she appreciates seeing him when she can.

We split up after the party for the rest of the night. Munchkin showed off her MBTA navigation skills and took her brother and his GF to the North End to walk around and get canolis and then back home. She is such a cute little city kid;-) The Boy and I met some of his friends for a bit and then went back to his place for the night, not terribly late.

Without getting too graphic, I am going to take a moment to extol the virtues of mixing things up in the bedroom. Even if you already feel like there is a lot of sexual chemistry and things are working really well, doing some playful and different things can really make for a fun time. Also, inspiration and ideas can come from unexpected places...let your mind run with that one;-)

Back to less naughty things...Munchkin and her brother are at church know, so she doesn't have to go to Hell with me:-P. Papa Bear takes her sometimes, and when they go it is usually to the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. I don't really have a lot of use for organized religion, but I have to acknowledge that no one builds overly ornate, unnecessarily grandiose buildings like churches do. And especially Catholics...they are pretty accomplished architects and builders.

I think I have touched on this before, but I will say it again because I am too lazy to go back and find it in the archives. I think it is important that religion be a part of her life. I am not sure that I have a rational reason other than it just seems like the right thing to do. To that end, she goes to Sunday school (...on Tuesdays...) at a place really near our condo. If Papa Bear didn't go to church on Sundays and take her, I probably would. Well, I might, and not every Sunday.

Honestly, if she complained, I wouldn't make her go because I just don't feel that strongly about it. You can feel free to tell me that I set a bad example and whatever else you want... it probably won't change anything. Anyway, she seems to enjoy it enough; she has one really good friend in her class with her, and she never complains about going, so it's all good for now. When she gets older, she can make her own decisions on what to believe and how to believe it.

That makes for an odd segway to Easter brunch;-) Yes, I can still have brunch on Easter without going to church...I am pretty sure the bible doesn't forbid that...

Brunch is with the whole pretend-family gang: Papa Bear, his Lady Friend, SHR and The Rocket Scientist, Big Sis and The Brain Surgeon, The Boy, Munchkin, Her Brother and his GF. Munchkin's brother and his girlfriend leave this afternoon, so we can drop them at the airport and then head straight out to The Boy's parents' house for dinner tonight.

Lottsa eating! Hope you get to see the people you wanna see most today:-)


allbilly said...

Having grown up in a family where we went to church every time the doors are open, I think you are doing the right thing. Too much organized religion can have a negative impact. She knows of church, goes on occassion, has a choice in whether or not she goes or not and when she is a little older and forming her own beliefs she can do whatever she wants.

You may go to hell for weaving your sex tips/antics into an Easter post, but I think as far as Munchkin's religious shepherding, you are safe. NOT that my opinion or anyone else's matters.

GreenLineBoy said...

I think that's often where people get frustrated by the thought of organized religion. Too much of it is based on tradition. I do intend to have a spiritual foundation instilled in my children but I intend the purpose to be clear. And it's not 'because daddy goes there'.

I was raised Catholic but chose another path. I follow Jesus (not that all Catholics don't) and my life has changed greatly because if it. And I try to keep the 'ritual' and 'religion' out of it. And if you read the Bible you'll see He did too.

If you ever find yourself with the desire to explore Jesus and are interested in checking out other churches in Boston, let me know. I might be able to offer some suggestions.

Aaron said...

I'm curious as to why you believe it's good for Munchkin to get exposure to a religion that you don't embrace?

Accidentally Me said...

Billy -

GLB - I appreciate the offer, I will let you know if the mood ever strikes.

Aaron - Just because. I already said I have no rational reason for it.

Billy said...

Are you blank when it comes to my commment?

As far as the rational reason...exposure rarely hurts someone.

brookem said...

happy belated easter to you and your closest friends and family! :)

Accidentally Me said...

Brookem - Thanks, you too!

Billy - I think Aaron's point wasn't about religion in general, but more about why I send her to a Catholic church and CCD if I have issues with Catholocism. And the answer is "because that is what she was when I got her" and I have no rational reason beyond that.

Jordan said...

Happy late Easter to you too... I spent the day with laboring mother's to be... I was waiting for one of them to name their baby "Easter" but no one did... NOT like on Christmas where we had two named "Christmas"