Sunday, April 01, 2007

An unintentional intervention

Good morning, everyone...a hearty Sunday welcome to all those who check in today:-) Happy April!!! I thought about writing a really frantic post about being pregnant as an April Fool's joke, but I am not quite that creative.

The Boy and I had a great date last night...for whatever reason we were both in a super chatty mood and sat at dinner for like four hours. Funny how that can happen, you get into a conversation groove with someone and could just go on forever. I have no idea what we were talking of it was that important. I guess I was just busy being smitten:-)

Then Munchkin called and said she was on her way home, so we went back and got there just before she did. Smoking Hot Roommate was at The Rocket Scientist's place playing nurse (yes boys: visions of tall, curvy, long-legged blond girl in a too-small nurses unifrom...) and I didn't want Munchkin to have to get home alone. OK, the doorman was there, but still...I would rather be there when she gets home and it is late. She got us caught up on all the pertinent gossip (Noah dumped Jessica for Emily...that asshole!!!) and then put herself to bed. And we were both kinda tired, so we turned in sort of on the early side, too. Right..."tired"...

I woke up really early today, around 7:30. To make us all feel really lazy, Smoking Hot Roommate was just getting out of the shower after running her daily 7 or 8 miles...yea, she's weird;-) It is 9:00 now and I have already been to Dunkin Donuts and looked through the newspaper. Munchkin is eating cereal and she and SHR are watching Sportcenter and The Boy is still sleeping...isn't he cute? Poor kid, looks like I wore him right out:-D

We are all gonna go for a walk later on and do some more condo shopping. This time it is not 100 percent pretend, since The Boy's parents are in the very early stages of moving and want to move downtown. So we are kinda looking for them, but not really...mostly we are just pretend shopping. Then the little one needs some help on a science project after that. (I say "help", really she does it herself, but she likes to have helpers.) Originally The Rocket Scientist was gonna help her with it this afternoon, but he is still sick, so I would rather she stay away from him until he is better.

She is really funny, she gets very particular about who she asks for help on different projects: she likes to line up as much expertise as she can. Today she needs to write a report about a constellation, and feels like she needs the input of the MIT-trained missile-guidance-system engineer. Last semester she had a big final essay project and asked another friend of mine who is a writer if she would help her. She is a natural born executive!

And that is pretty much it for the day. Exciting, huh? Anyone have any interesting stories from the weekend?

Remember that random story I promised yesterday? I lied...I am holding until tomorrow There is already plenty of stuff in this blog...:-P


Accidentally Me said...

I just realized that I wrote the title before I wrote the post, and never changed the title after I wrote it. So, you may notice that it doesn't match the But it does match tomorrow's story:-)

Aaron said...

Unintentional intervention?

Okay... I'm going to go out on a limb and say Munchkin caught you and the Boy (finally) in the act?

The Actress and I always sit around spending all hours of the early morning talking. But it's important talking.. and honestly, I remember much of it. I have a hard time believing that what you were talking about for hours was unimportant. If it were that unimportant, I'm sure you would have found something else to do with your time. ;^)