Saturday, April 21, 2007

Happy Hour

It's just me and Munchkin this weekend, since Smoking Hot Roommate, Big Sis and Papa Bear are away for a family wedding (and *ahem* where's my invitation? Am I not a member of this family? Oh wait...right...I'm not...nevermind...)

I got a text message from her yesterday at about 4:15 that said "Can you come and get me early? I wanna watch the Cubs game". She was obviously planning that all day;-) I had to finish some stuff up, but I did manage to get her about 20 minutes earlier than normal. Unfortunately, that got us home just in time to watch the Cubs lose:-(

That was OK, though, because she got to partake in another of her favorite pastimes: tagging along to Happy Hour;-) We went out to meet a handful of friends for a bit, which allowed her to get a 7up and Cranberry juice in a martini glass. Anyone think I am grooming a world class drunk here? I have to keep an eye on this...

The weather finally warmed up, so when everyone else left to go to another bar to watch the Red Sox, we walked around for a bit. We went to the North End to get some pizza, and then grabbed a couple of cannolis and brought them home. Then we ate our cannolis and giggled and watched the Red Sox:-) All in all...a pretty nice night!!! The Boy was at the game, and he came over afterwards and stayed over.

We are all headed out to his parent's house today for an anniversary party for them. The Boy's older brother and sister are both in town with their kids, and I think that there is some other family in from out of town as well. The anniversary makes a good excuse for a party, so we will be out there all day...the weather should be lovely:-)

As a bit of a teaser...there is a pretty big announcement to be made at this party, but I have to keep it a secret until after his whole family knows. Hmm...wonder what it could be...?

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