Saturday, April 28, 2007

Today's Lesson...Go Slow!!!

I gotta warn you that this post is sorta dirty. It's been a while since I have written a post that belongs on late-night Cinemax, but that is sort of where I am headed this morning, so that is what you are stuck with:-) Unless you choose to stop reading right now...

The Boy plays softball in the summer. His season started on Wednesday, which led to him complaining that his back and legs were sore afterwards. are 29, you shouldn't be that sore from playing softball! It's not hockey...there isn't that much activity involved!

But being the good girlfriend, I offered to give him a rub down to make him feel better. OK, so having him take his clothes off so I can rub massage oils on him is not really a tough sell...I have a drawer full of scented oils and stuff, and I gotta use it some time. I mentioned yesterday that he stayed over Thursday, but I didn't really get the chance to deliver on my promise. Last night, however, I had ALL kinds of time to laze around in bed with him.

Munchkin was at a dance with a couple of friends (there is no more boyfriend...I may blog that tomorrow) and wasn't due home until about 11:00, and Smoking Hot Roommate was out all night, too. So, we met some friends for a quick drink after work, and then came back here and enjoyed the whole evening to ourselves.

And I learned a valuable lesson, too;-) Normally, I have NO patience with these things...if we aren't having sex within five minutes of getting home, I start to wonder what's wrong. But since he'd been over Thursday night...(and Friday morning...hee hee)...we were a little less wound up. And you know what? There is something to be said for taking your

There is also something to be said for edible white chocolate flavored body lotion...yum! An hour-long massage wouldn't be complete without a happy ending...(TMI...?) Let's also give a shout-out to "middle of the night sex"...waking up, fucking, and falling right back asleep. Sure beats a screaming alarm clock!!!

OK, now back to the family-friendly portion of the program:-) Smoking Hot Roommate made everyone breakfast. Everyone else slept in a little bit, but she was up at her normal time (5:30...weird...let's discuss), and went for her normal 7 or 8 mile run (yea, weirder) and then made blueberry pancakes for me, The Boy, The Rocket Scientist and Munchkin. This is why we all love her so much!!!


e.b. said...

God I love middle of the night sex where you are only 1/2 awake. Ahh love it.

ella said...

I am sure there are other reasons why you love SHR so much....;)

Jordan said...

Note to self: buy edible white chocolate body lotion and store in top shelf in the event things turn around, around here.

Accidentally Me said...

e.b. -'s best if neither of you even has to open your eyes at any

Ella - Yea, I suppose there are some other reasons...but the pancakes were really solid!

Jordan - I gotta give the lotion very high and really fun! I am in favor of all things that encourage oral sex;-D