Friday, April 27, 2007

Next up...Larry Bird's sweaty shorts!!!

We had a lot of fun at work yesterday...Munchkin sat in on two conference calls with Papa Bear, and had a "power lunch" during which she did some serious networking. Papa Bear opened the morning call by telling everyone to watch their language because there were young ears listening;-)

Lunch was funny...Boss Foxy and Papa Bear were meeting with a guy who has been an investor with the firm for a really long time. So they invited us to tag along. Turns out this guy has a grandchild at Munchkin's school. So yes, she can already drop names, network and play the "Oh, do you know so-and-so game"...quite the little executive.

She got bored and tired at about 4:00, so we left a little bit early. Thursday is chicken finger night, even though there was no Cubs game. The Boy joined us last night, as did Smoking Hot Roommate and the Red Sox had to serve as a substitute (sort of...we were done just as they were starting.)

OK...the city of Boston has a really weird civic obsession with the Red Sox. People in Chicago are abnormally concerned with the Bears, but this is really not normal! You wouldn't believe the amount of drama and consternation that got caused because some random guy said that maybe another guy put fake blood on his sock...TWO AND A HALF YEARS AGO!!! I'm not kidding, this was like a front-page, lead-the-evening-news big story. There were people legitimately hypothesizing that they should do a DNA test of the sock to confirm that it is real blood. (I asked why anyone would still have a bloody sock after two years...apparently that is a stupid question...)

Anyway, the Red Sox are playing the Yankees again this weekend (seems like they do this like every month) which qualifies as a major weekend-long undertaking. Does it get this ridiculous in New York at the same time? I feel like it is maybe a little bit over-hyped...the season just started, after all.

No huge weekend plans. The Boy is going away for a bachelor party tomorrow night, but I get him tonight:-) Munchkin is hanging out with her friends, so we are gonna meet some friends for a bit but then go back to my place for some alone time as early as we can. He stayed over last night, so I will get him for most of two whole consecutive days...which is quite a treat! Morning sex ALWAYS puts me in a good mood for the whole day.

I think we are going out to a bar to watch the game tomorrow afternoon, and since it is a 4:00 game, Munchkin can come with:-) To be honest, my friends love it, too...she is like a super cute party My guy friends love her ability to meet attractive girls for them...

And as long as the weather is OK, more pretend home shopping on Sunday...I will let you know how that goes;-)

That's about it...really busy day today...well, at least a busy morning. Anyone have anything exciting going on?


brookem said...

nothing exciting here... just keeping up with the sox this weekend (it really is an obsession for some people!) have a good one:)

Anonymous said...

my sister came down last night with my porkchop and i got to play with her for a few minutes this morning. so i'm gonna spent my weekend loving my one year old niece. it can't get better than that!

Jordan said...

I think any weekend at Yankee stadium is crazy weekend when they're doing well... which we arne't right now. But, the red sox are the rival, so of course it's a little more hyped. I love how Boston calls Johnny a trader and boos him when he comes out... even though people leave teams all the time... and Johnny is from ORLANDO anyway!!! It's not like Boston was his hometown!

I didn't get to bring the girl to work yesterday because her school decided it was 8th grade field trip day to Universal Studios.. on the same day as bring your child to work day!!!

Ally said...

Hmm....I don't think moving all of my stuff qualifies as exciting):

ella said...

I'm going to California Adventure! Oh and a party at SSA's.... ;)

Povosgirl said...

The Red Sox is all about Passion! The Yanks are the rival so it will always be a huge deal. It's more between the fans then anything. As for Damon on there are pics of him signing a yankee's suck hat. Then because the Yankees offered him more money he runs right over there. Sell Out! It's about Passion, not payroll (saw it on a

PLus I hate the Yankee "fans" who swear they love the yankees and yada yada. BUt they can't tell you any players past A-Rod Jeter and Giambi. And oh yeah they don't even know what league they are, National or American. So called fans. You may have 26 rings but you only have 10 fingers!!

Sorry touchy subject. I can go on and on about the Sox.

swatts said...

The Yankees Red Sox's in New York is inly a big deal on the radio. There is so much other stuff going on unless you're a Yankee fan!

Jordan said...

povosgirl.. TRY me. I'll do a Yankees Q and A anyday.