Saturday, April 07, 2007

Who wants cake?

Visitor #6,000 showed up sometime this morning, and he or she is from...Chicago, IL...yea, bitches, let's get a hometown shoutout!!!

Yeah, I am totally the best big sister EVER, or so says Munchkin. My clever ruse worked and she was 100% surprised to see her brother yesterday. She cried in excitement a little bit, which was cute...and then she went into her classic "I am so excited and I am talking 4,000 miles a minute about everything I can think of" mode.

So we had a nice dinner and then came back home. Her brother and his girlfriend (who I named Clair last time around for no reason at all) were kinda tired from traveling, so we just hung out and chatted and watched TV for a while. Munchkin was super giggly and wound up, so we stayed up for a while after they went to bed, and she slept in my bed.

It's very wintry outside. Crisp and cold and a little breezy. Not the bitter cold that you can get in January, but it is definitely not at all Springtime feeling. Which kinda sucks, but what are you gonna do? It's pretty nice to be out and around if you are dressed for it... Munchkin wanted to get them coffee from Dunkin Donuts this morning, so we walked over there when we got up.

Her party is at 4:00, and we are just hanging out until then. We may walk over to Newbury Street and meander around in and out of the stores, but I don't really need to buy anything. The party will probably get over with at about 8:00, and I am staying at The Boy's place after that. And yes, my entire interest in doing so is to let Munchkin have some quality time with her brother and his gf. That's it...I have no ulterior motives at all...none...

Actually I have some devious things planned, which I may or may not tell you about:-P

That's about it...hope everyone is enjoying their weekend:-) Ta ta...


Jordan said...

No ulterior motives = endless sex.

I smell what you're cooking, sister.

I can't believe you guys are getting snow in April.. yuck!

I watched the news lastnight for baseball updates, they showed Cleveland Indian's stadium employees shoveling snow so they could actually play on the field... can't even imagine that.

Accidentally Me said...

Jordan - It's gotta end at some point, unfortunately...I can only take so much, and he has his limits too...hee hee:-D

We got snow earlier this week, but today is just cold. It is actually kind of a nice day...bright and sunny, just too cold. It is like 40 or so, not exactly tank top weather.

socal sweetie said...

Hope she has an amazing time at her party!!