Thursday, April 12, 2007

Scheduling a 'Drunk Day'

Any locals going to the Beer Summit tomorrow? I think I am going in the afternoon, so you can look for the tiny girl hanging out with the leggy, tall blond knockout...that's me and Smoking Hot Roommate. Also keep an eye out for the devilishly handsome boy fawning over me:-D

Walk up to me and say "Can I see the tattoo on your stomach?" and I promise to say Hi;-) No, I won't show you the tattoo, but I will know that you come from the blogosphere, and that will be cool! But you have to have the stones to find a virtual stranger and ask that question...those are the rules;-)

I am actually going with a really funny, very loud group of friends. We won't be hard to find, and we are VERY fun to hang out with:-)

Not much else up for the weekend. Munchkin is going to a friend's house tonight, and I am taking that opportunity to go out with The Boy and some friends. I am not sure there is much of a plan beyond "Let's go out" at this point...but that's fine.

All of the people that we are going to the beer thing with are coming over for breakfast so that we can have something in our stomachs before we start drinking (it runs from 12-4). Munchkin and I are in charge of making pancakes:-)

I am sure that by 4:00 PM I will be on the verge of black-out drunk, so I don't know how long the night will last;-) I hope to make it through dinner, then bring The Boy home and encourage him to take advantage of me in all kinds of dirty ways, and then pass out. Or, if he ends up drunker than me, I can do the taking advantage of... Fun times, eh? Munchkin is staying at Big Sis', so I don't need to worry about impressionable young people:-D

This is kind of a landmark day. In college, it was really common to plan an entire day around getting absurdly drunk. Usually, we called those days "Saturday":-). I can't really remember the last time I did that, though...I think it was when SHR and I and some other friends were in Mexico last year (not the trip last month), which means over a year.

There are some pretty obvious reasons that this is not a regular feature on my calendar is not really something you do as much when you aren't a full-time student, and I have some other responsibilities that I didn't have then. But tomorrow is shaping up to be one of those days, and Sunday is looking like a good old-fashioned hungover day...

Meanwhile, Big Sis and Munchkin are going to do some home-related shopping all afternoon, as Big Sis is still finishing up the furnishing of the new house she moved into last year. And then they are going to get themselves all dressed up and head to the Museum of Fine Arts for a foo-foo fundraiser of some sort.

So just to recap: older sister making plans to drink herself stupid until she is sick, younger sister hobnobbing in formal-wear in an art museum. there something wrong with this picture?

Anyone else have anything going on this weekend?


smoking hot roommate said...

I promise to hold your hair back if you promise to hold mine.

Accidentally Me said...

Well aren't you just the sweetest thing:-) Or course I will hold your hair while you puke, honey!!!

Anonymous said...

well i wouldn't mind having a "devilishly handsome boy fawning over me." lol.

Ella said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Hope you keep warm. If I lived in Boston I would have no problem asking a complete stranger if I could see the tatt on their stomach.

I've got a few fun things going on this weekend. I'll post after the weekend is over.

Still just me said...

Work, work and more work. Yes, I will be spending my weekend wiping ass.

brookem said...

have fun at the beer fest! of all my years living in boston why aren't i on top of this?! have a blast! im in reno for the weekend, just catching up! have a good one girl:)