Thursday, March 08, 2007

Answers (kind of)

You guys were kinda light on the questions, but I can give answers anyway:

From Billy:
Q: "Here's a this the very bottom of the "i beg for comments" barrel?"
A: Not even close. The barrel is much deeper. When I start posting pictures of the tattoo on my stomach, then you will know that we are getting close.

From Ally:
Q: "And here's my question: Why do you think Billy is so bitter and/or feigns that he doesn't like comments?"
A: I think Billy has a crush on me, and this teasing is his effort at playing hard-to-get:-P Like boys who pretend to hate the one girl they have a crush on in third grade.

From Nicole D.:
Q: "Random questions, when is your birthday? What three things would you take to a desert Island?"
A: My birthday is July 22. Tinkerbelle's birthday is this Sunday!!! She will be 8:-) Hmmm...Daniel Craig, Clive Owen and a bottomless margarita:-P. You probably meant non-people. And saying "my iPod" is too easy. So, I will say Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, A Tale of Two Cities and The Killers' Hot Fuss (assuming I have some way to play it). Ask me that again next week and I may give a different answer. [Also, I thought about being super pretentious and saying something like "A copy of Lincoln's Second Inaugural" know, because Gettysburg would have been too cliche...]

On that subject...I am far from an English major, but the last third of A Tale of Two Cities is brilliant, and the last two pages are the best thing I have ever read. Seriously, the things that go through your head the moment before you lose it to a guillotine? There is a reason people still read that shit...

I actually read that because a guy friend gave it to me on my birthday during college. I think he kind of had a crush on me, but for my birthday he bought me two copies of that so we could both read it at the same time. Kind of a clever gift...I never would have read the book otherwise, and I always think of him whenever I am reminded of that book.
I also read War and Peace, which I am proud of. Well, I read most of gets really philosophical at the end, and I couldn't quite finish it. I read like the first 1,400 pages and couldn't get through the last 50. That sounds really bad. Seriously Leo, I get it...things are random and you only get a limited opportunity to alter fate. And lots of people died at Borodino...did you need to say that so many times?

How was that for a stream of consciousness blog? Anyone have any more questions they want me to try and answer in the same long-winded fashion tomorrow? Let 'em rip.


Ally said...

I love reading a book with someone else. It helps prod me along now that I have readers' ADD as a result of reading all day at work.

How are the sleepovers with the boy going insofar as Munchkin (no other details needed:)? Did you tell you were going to start letting him stay or just let her figure it out on her own?

allbilly said...

Blogger Ate my here it is again.....

1. I don't hate comments...i like comments...i do not like "WHORING for COMMENTS".

2. I was a PLAYAH in 3rd grade, unfortunately, that was 25 years ago.

DIMPLES said...

Yeah ask SHR what the hell Tom Brady is thinking?!?! Knock up Bridget and 2 months later knock up Giselle?!?! Have her ask him if he even knows what a condom is!!

brookem said...

I LOVE that book. One of my favorites.

Accidentally Me said...

Ally - Going well. I told Munchkin ahead of time, so she knows what's up. We had already a discussion where I confirmed that we did have sex, so she already knew that part. I don't think I could keep a secret from her even if I wanted to. Well, ok...I do keep some.

Billy - That will look great on a tombstone "Peaked in third grade"

Dimples - I think she is jealous. But so far, she has resisted my prodding to call him. I wanna know when he is gonna bring Gisele over to visit!

Ally said...

So Gisele is preggers too?

Aaron said...

Well, that was anti-climactic. :(