Friday, March 16, 2007

Who is in your Final Four?

My little attempt to get Big Sis to chime in yesterday didn't work...she called me instead. She agrees with my "Mom-guilt" theory, but I don't think I should really relay the rest of what she said (how is that for needling her to put it in a comment?)

I am in an NCAA Basketball pool at work. For those paying attention, I am not at all a sports fan. I like to go to baseball games in the summer, and I know some football from dating a football player for a while (I will tell that story someday, it's actually sort of a nice story, but a little sad) but that is about it.

Originally, the guys at work were doing the pool for $500 a person, which was...ahem... somewhat over my interest level and ability to pay. The partners nixed that idea, though, so now it only cost $5, which is much more my speed!!! Since I have no idea how to pick winning teams (other than by the little number next to their names;-)) I turned over the actual selection chores to Munchkin and Smoking Hot Roommate.

I have to admit, it makes the whole thing pretty exciting. I took Munchkin to meet up and watch the games last night with a bunch of the boys from her school and their Dads (and one other girl and her Dad.) These are kind of the same people that we watched the football game with two months ago. Everyone seemed to be quite excited that Duke lost...I guess everyone hates Duke...I have no idea why.

The guys at work are knocking off at around lunchtime to go drink beers and watch the games all afternoon, and I am going with them. I have mentally checked out for vacation already, so it seems like a much better use of my afternoon. Normally I would just go ahead and get really drunk, then stumble over to get Munchkin, but since her two friends are sleeping over tonight, I should probably try and stay pretty sober;-)

I am all packed! I am so excited to is supposed to snow here this afternoon, which makes the idea of a warm beach all the more enticing. Hopefully we can get going really early tomorrow and get some serious afternoon beach time in! The sooner I can get my little ass into a chair and a margarita into my hand, the better!

I will have Internet, so I will probably check in a couple times from there. I have to check work emails regularly, so I will probably check in with blog reading a bit, too...and I will probably post a couple times if I feel like it. Other than that...I will see you all on the flip side!!!

Oh, and go Kansas, Memphis, Florida and Texas!!! And then Kansas and Memphis. And then Kansas!!!

Has anyone ever even been to Kansas?


swatts said...

I have been to Kansas, Kansas City on several occasions. Twice to watch the Yankees play the Royals, once for business, and my brother got married a girl from Kansas. I think I’ve meet my quota for visiting Kansas. My final four are UNC, OSU, KU and UF. UF vs. UNC with UNC the big winner.

Accidentally Me said...

Isn't Kansas City in Missouri?

Ally said...

So are we getting pics of you on the beach in your bikini or what? Hope you have a fantastic trip!

Tasha said...

I am not into sports either. I have no idea what is going on. I know a little about golf because my boyfriend is a golfer. That's pretty much it.

I work for Duke and I have to say that I am glad they lost too. Just cause I hate working here. (I know the two have nothing to do with each other but I associate the name.)

Have fun on your vaca! So jealous! =)

Aaron said...

I'm not sure if it's a state or global law, but it's unlawful to run pools in the office. Punishable by a $1000 or 1yr sentence. Doesn't stop anyone, though.

Its gotten too hard to predict the final four these days. I'd rather just keep my $5.

swatts said...


Accidentally Me said...

Ally - There shall be no pictures of any of us in this space;-)

Tasha - That is as good a reason as any!

Aaron - It is also against the law to tie an alligator to a fire hydrant...

swatts - What is with Missouri sharing it's cities with other states?

swatts said...

no idea, it's right on the river

k.d. said...

happy beach & bikini time!