Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It is too cold for me to think

It is colder than a motherfucker outside...about 8 degrees and really, really windy. Munchkin suggested that we buy coffee for the nice policeman that works the crosswalk near her school everyday, so we did that. She is very thoughtful for a little nugget...the police man was very happy, and now I feel pretty sure that he will take extra care not to let us get hit by a car when crossing the street:-)

Brainy Jane had a quiz last Friday. There were 14 responses and only one correct answer...I will give you one guess who won;-) I have been thinking about driving the car that she has been thinking about buying me. Anyone need me to think about giving them a ride?

Speaking of pretend cars...Megamillions is $340 Million tonight. I bought a couple of tickets, and I can't wait to go Maserati shopping when I win. Think of all the time I would have to spend blogging!!!

I have a regular reader in Queensland, Australia...g'day;-) Oh god that was cheesy...but I invite you to say Hi;-) I wanna go to Australia someday. Actually, I would love to live abroad for a while, I think it would be really fun. The place would have to be English-speaking because I don't feel comfortable enough with any other language to live somewhere that spoke something else primarily. So, for the sake of starting a discussion, here are the cities I would most like to live in, outside of the US.

1) London
2) Hong Kong
3) Singapore
4) Sydney
5) I am not sure about #5...I would maybe entertain some non-English speaking places...Paris, Rome, Tokyo...or some really cool places like Mumbai, Sao Paolo, Shanghai or St. Petersburg...OK, I am way off track. How about I save time and say "Dublin".

At least, that is what I think now. I think London would be really cool...not that far from the East Coast, big, important city...

I was going to make a list of US cities, but outside of Boston or Chicago, the only ones I would really like to live in are New York and San Francisco. I like old, condensed cities that have lots of ethnic flavor and quaint neighborhoods. I like cities that expand upwards and not outwards... This is not to say that there aren't other places that I would be willing to live, but those are the only ones I would be really excited to move to. Oh, and Honolulu...lol.

Anyone have some others? And why?


brookem said...

I totally agree with London, and defintiely Dublin. For US cities, I'd agree with NYC, as well as San Diego, SF, Portland, ME, and Reno, NV.

allbilly said...


We have: 1. smog 2. rated among top three fattest cities every year 3. urban sprawl like you wouldn't believe 4. lots of oil companies 5. terrible traffic

Aaron said...

Ally would like to live in Spain. Just about anywhere in Spain, actually. :)

ella w. said...

Shanghai is pretty rocking too - and it's not to hard to get around if you speak English.

What about LA????

And Aaron, are you trying hard to get me to take Ally to Spain?

Krissy said...

Hi from Queensland, Australia! :)