Monday, March 12, 2007

Cinco Dias Mas...

A weird batch of "catch-up" comments yesterday. I always assume that people read within a day or two of me writing it, but obviously not... I guess people catch up on a whole weekend's worth of posts on Mondays.

Munchkin feels better...she had a bit of a stomach bug, likely from eating too much junk on Saturday. Much of that is my fault...we had lunch at Finale, which doesn't exactly offer healthy food. Or even non-dessert food.

I am all caught up on everyone's blogs, even though I didn't leave many comments. Read this, unless you don't want to cry...super sad:-(

I am really getting excited for Mexico! It has really warmed up the last couple of days, but I still can't wait to get into a bikini and sit on the beach in the sun. I am paler than...well...then something that is really pale (a polar bear, maybe?) From what I understand, the house we are staying at is pretty well secluded with it's own beach, which means that I can kind let Munchkin and her friends run free without being too concerned about them getting kidnapped. That sounds really

I do, however, have to get through this week first, and it is going to be a tough one...really busy. I hate being totally disconnected all day. It is weird how much we rely on the Internet...without email I feel like I am barely on Earth. The days actually go by pretty fast, the work is interesting and I really like the two people I am with on this (Boss Foxy and one other person).

And is about it. Boy, this is really a boring blog post... I will try and get into some trouble tomorrow and spice things up a bit.


Kate said...

ooh mexico... i'm so jealous.

Aaron said...

I didn't know you didn't welcome late comments. :( I'll try to make the 24hr mark next time.

allbilly said...

I read that post and it didn't make me cry. It's a DOG. Obviously sorority girls get upset easily. That's not shocking.

Accidentally Me said...

Kate - It is like 70 degrees now...who needs Mexico?

Aaron - Sorry, been super busy and only get to post comments at night...that is temporary, though.

AllBilly - Thanks for going out of your way to show that you can be an asshole...good job.