Tuesday, March 13, 2007

El Dia de San Patricio

Today was really gorgeous here! It sucks that it will almost certainly get back below freezing at some point...this will feel like such a tease. Unless it gets back to freezing while I am sitting on a beach:-P

Have I mentioned yet that I am going to Mexico next week? Not sure if it has come up...

I was supposed to have date night with The Boy tonight, but the stock market took another one of its nose dives, so he had to cancel. Yes, the stock market kept me from getting laid...what the fuck?!?! OK, maybe not...it is only 8:00, he could still come over when he leaves work. I am kind of bummed:-( I don't really see him that much during the week usually, so I don't like losing a night to work. Ahh well...he will be totally disconnected from work all next week, so I won't have any of these disruptions!

I have the most annoying cut on my thumb. I don't really know how I got it, but it is on my right thumb, on the left edge of the nail, near where it emerges from the skin. The problem is that I keep bumping it on things and it gets irritated. It is hard to pick anything up without using that part of your thumb. I suppose I could put a band-aid on it...that might alleviate my whining.

Anyone have any St. Patrick's Day plans? I am not a huge fan of St. Patty's Day in Boston...every bar uses it as an excuse for a $25 cover. I remember going to the Hong Kong in Fanueil Hall two years ago and they wanted $20 to get in....IT'S A CHINESE RESTAURANT!!! Dimples tells me that she has been in Southie each of the last couple years on St. Patrick's Day and it is not that crowded or expensive there. Go figure...the Irish neighborhood is less crowded than the rest of the city.

I doubt there will be substantial St. Patrick's festivities in Mexico, but I will make sure to tip a frosty one in tribute to my Irish heritage (I am such a mutt...I have like 10 different nationalities, I think I can celebrate every day as some kind of a holiday.) Munchkin is much more Irish than me, and has a super Irish last name. So really, I feel like I should celebrate on her behalf;-)

How is that for rationalizing binge drinking?


Aaron said...

Americans are so... fickle. Who needs an excuse to get drunk these days? Personally, I'm not really game for the large, rowdy crowds. Sooner or later, the fun of standing in line to get green beer only to spill more of it than you consume gets old.

DIMPLES said...

no no no, I didn't say less crowded at all. It's more crowded, but they don't charge a cover to get into the bars.

brookem said...

How exciting that you're going to Mexico! Right in time too, because although it is supposed to be 70 here today, they are saying possibly 6-freaking 10 inches of snow this weekend! And I plan to go to Southie, snow or shine. I'm an Irish girl after all, and it's one of my favorite holidays! Irish carbombs & green beer, here I come.

swatts said...

if you turn the mexican flag up side down it becomes irish

Ally said...

My only observation of St. Pat's is wearing green, maybe. I've contemplated Savannah several times, but it sounds like a big overcrowded mess....which just means I'm getting old.