Thursday, March 01, 2007

School Days

As promised, today you get a fun post! I have a note from each of my sisters that is cute and funny. is really gross outside; 40 degrees, pouring rain, windy...lottsa fun!

I talked to Tinkerbelle's Mom on Saturday after I heard about my father, just to let her know I was coming and to make arrangements to see them if I could. She was just getting ready to sit Tinkerbelle down and tell her, so we talked a little bit about what she was going to say, and that she didn't think it was a good idea for her to go to the wake and stuff. I told her to give me a call when she was done, and that I had Monday night and all day Tuesday before the memorial service free.

She called me back a bit later to let me know that everything went fine. 'Belle was a little upset, but not really (the concept of "father" is kind of nebular to her anyway), and she was really excited that I was coming to visit. And then she said "Do you wanna go to school with her Tuesday?" Um...YEAH!!! How cute is that?

So she called first thing Monday morning to get everything straightened out with the school, and then Tuesday I picked 'Belle up in the morning and took her to school for the day. So much fun!!! Second graders are just the cutest things ever! At the beginning of the day I had to go to the front of the room so that Tinkerbelle could introduce me "This is my big sister, AM. I never knew about he until last year and we just met!" And then all the kids say "Good Morning, AM!" in unison.

I actually managed to get some work done because I didn't really have to pay attention during the reading and math sections of the lesson;-) And I ate lunch in the cafeteria with her and all her friends, and then when the day was over, we went home and had our afternoon snack...two cookies and a glass of milk! Super fun, and I am really, really glad I got to do it. She is really a cute kid.

OK, on to sister #1. I wanted to take her to the movies this weekend ("Bridge to Terabithia" for the curious), which she was all for. I suggested that she may want to invite The Little Dreamboat for their first real nighttime date. Yeah, not really all that I got a really non-committal "Eh, I dunno. I will think about it," from her. Then after school yesterday she told me that she thinks she is done with having a boyfriend, and just wants to go to the movies with me and no one else. She is gonna be such a heartbreaker...

That is a lot of the weekend plans. We are going to the movies tonight, and she is sleeping over at a friend's house tomorrow after yet another birthday party. I haven't seen The Boy for more than a quick hello since he dropped me off at the airport on Sunday, so I am looking forward to a quiet night with him tomorrow (and by "quiet", I mean that I plan on fucking him like seven times...) I am not sure what we are gonna do...we can figure it out tomorrow.

Kinda random note on that... Like everyone who's job is related to the stock market, he has had a brutally long week and is in need of some sleep. But at the same time, I haven't seen him since Sunday. So, as you might expect, we end up in a "What do you wanna do?" stalemate where neither of us really knows whether the other one is saying what they want, or what they think the other wants. Like, if he says "Yeah, come on over," does he really mean that, or is he just worried that I would be kinda ticked if he said he just wants to sleep. And if I say "Just go to sleep and I will see you tomorrow," do I really mean it or will I be mad that he doesn't want to see me? Really, I'd like to see him, but I am not that needy that I can't wait a day...he was in the office until after 11:00 pm three nights this week...I understand that he just wants to crash.

These are the kinds of things that are sometimes really hard to communicate in a relationship...wouldn't it be great to have a translator that could tell you exactly what someone is thinking, even if they can't or won't tell you? Ally said via IM last night something about not being able to "read his mind"...

Tada!!! Cue up the twin sister with the weird psychic connection...she says "No, I think he really just wants to go to bed, but he doesn't want you to get mad because he hasn't seen you all week." Seriously, this is like the coolest party trick ever...

Problem solved. If he gets done with work early enough, then Munchkin and I can bring him dinner on our way to the movies and he can fall into bed by 7:00 or so (or, more likely, fall asleep on the couch watching TV.) If not, then I will see him Saturday for the whole night.

Incidentally, it has been brought to my attention that I have actually told you all surprisingly little about The Boy. I seem to have covered the sex a lot, and some of the high-level stuff, but haven't really told you a ton about him. Clearly, a horrible oversight on my part, so I am going to try and write a more detailed post about him this you all have that to look forward to;-)

So, that is about it...Happy Weekend, everyone. 14 days until we leave for Mexico:-)

(p.s. Special shout out to my loyal reader in La Jolla, are visitor #4,000...yay!!! Now, go find yourself one of those dorky boys:-P)


Still just me said...

Just asking- When you ate lunch at school, too little food, too much noise, and all the little girls fighting to sit next to you? That is how it is when I eat lunch with Logan at school. Lots and lots of chaos!

k.d. said...

omg! she's done with having a "boyfriend" already! teehee! does he already know that he's "single" again?

Aaron said...


Must be nice. :(