Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I think my love of The Killers is pretty well documented here...I feel like I mention it often. I know that critics and a lot of fans don't like their newest album as much as the first one, but I really like it a lot. It is kind of all over the place...there are hints of Scottish folk music, polka, 80's Pop, Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen and some Irish drinking songs all thrown in. And there is some good old fashioned rock and roll, too;-)

So, I like it for a couple reasons. First, I admire their ambition to jam as much stuff into one album as possible, without losing the melodies. Second, it has a dreamer's romanticism to it that is along the lines of the classic Springsteen "gotta get out of this small town" stuff. And oddly, I feel like the majority of it is written about girls and their dreams and the way they get broken in many segments of society. That is another issue I seem to beat on a lot (go read My Favorite Post again:-))

Anyway, they recently released a video for one of my favorite songs on the new album, Read My Mind. First, it is a killer tune;-) Second, it is all about kids growing up in a place, knowing that there is a whole big world outside of it, and trying to figure out a way to get out of where they are and into someplace else (...teenage queen, a loaded gun, the drop dead dream, the chosen one, a southern drawl, a world unseen, a city wall and a trampoline...).

Needless to say, it brings me back to a lot of memories.

Third, the video is super cute! The concept is just sort of them hanging out in Tokyo doing random things. The video features a starring role by Gachapin, a Japanese children's TV character. The first time I ever heard about him was when The Body went to Japan a couple years back with her father and brother and two of her sisters. Her little brother became totally obsessed with this little green dinosaur with buck teeth:-)

Anyway, Gachapin is really cute, and the part where he is trying to brush his two teeth but needs help opening the toothpaste is adorable.

So, that is my story for today...thrilling, I know;-)


Accidentally Me said...

I almost totally forgot...Vote Sanjaya!!!

brandy said...

I like the killers too. Not only do I find their songs catchy (why does saying 'catchy' remind me of my grandpa?), but I appreciate any band that can pull off great smokey eye makeup - male or female.

Ally said...

I don't watch AI, but I saw that Sanjaya guy--his hair grossed me out!

Anyway, I love the Killers....and the little green guy is cute too.

Aaron said...

Like Gachapin? I wonder if you hated Barney? ;^)

Accidentally Me said...

Barney is a cheap Gachapin knock-off! Gachapin has been around since the 1970's!!!

And I don't know if he talks...I should check on that. I just think his teeth are adorable:-)

e.b. said...

I saw the video this morning and now wit this post the song is planted in my head. Not complaining though because they are quite good.