Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hot Date!

Munchkin and I had a really fun date last night:-) We picked up pizza and brought it to The Boy's place and got to spend some time with him. He was a looked like he spent the week in boot camp. I think he said he got like 10 hours of sleep after Monday night. Munchkin insisted on tucking him in on the sofa before we left:-)

We went to see Bridge to Terabithia, which is a book I never read. If you haven't read the book...umm...actually, I won't say anything, I don't wanna spoil it. I hated that everyone told me before The Sixth Sense "You are gonna be so schocked by the ending! Such a great surprise!" that I went in looking for it and knew within 3 minutes what would happen. So I am not going to give away any part of it. Anyway, it was pretty good, and falls into the category of "kids movies that are entertaining on their own, and therefore a real treat to take a kid to."

Since we had just eaten, we only got a medium popcorn (total approximate volume, 8 gallons) to split, and a medium Diet Coke (roughly 624 ounces). Then we took the way back corner away from anyone else because we like to talk during movies...:-D I probably think that is a lot cuter than anyone who has ever sat next to us in a movie...

After the movie, we met three of my friends who were having some drinks before they went out boy-hunting. The door guys let Munchkin in as long as we stayed at a corner table and left by 10:00. Also, my friends are gorgeous and they were completely dolled up and the bouncers clearly would have done whatever they So we hung there for a bit, I had a martini, and Munchkin had a 7up and Cranberry in a martini glass:-) Then she got really tired, so I skipped dessert and took her straight home and to bed.

She actually had a lot of girl-talking to do with the girls at the bar....she broke it off with the boyfriend at school. More than anything, I think this actually left her feeling relieved. She doesn't like to hurt people's feelings, but I guess he took the news pretty well and now they are "just friends". is a fickle beast.

Complete change of subject...

Did anyone watch The Black Donnellys on NBC on Monday or Thursday? I mentioned this the other day, but forgot to remind you or mention it again. I saw it Monday night, and I have some comments.

First, it was pretty good. They stuffed a lot into one episode, and I don't know if they can maintain that. It is a bit cliched, and their version of New York strikes me as, well, absurd...but it was an entertaining hour.

Second, I totally know those kids! Not the exact people, obviously, but I absolutely knew a mess of kids like that growing up. Kids who were basically nice, polite kids, but didn't have a whole lot else to do and ended up getting in all kinds of trouble basically out of boredom. The only thing missing is that the kids should be MUCH more reverential towards their mother. Irish boys are likely to stab you if you say something bad about their mother.

Third...the lead character Tommy (his real name is Jonathan Tucker, and look at that...he is from Boston) could seriously be BFFb's twin brother. They look almost exactly alike! They have really similar mannerisms, too...really it is kind of freaky. So yes, girls...I have a single friend who looks just like that and is willing to fight people to defend the honor of girls he cares about:-) And he needs a girlfriend! Sign up via email or IM...hee hee

This has turned into a long post for a Saturday. The Boy is coming over later to hang out, and I am very much looking forward to it! And not just for sexually devious reasons (Munchkin's party isn't until 3:00). Truth is I really kinda miss him. We have a couple different parties to go to, so we will sort of be socialites tonight.

And that, basically, is everything...have a good day!


allbilly said...

Talking in movies is unacceptable. It's right up there with ringing cell phones and making out.

e.b. said...

Ahh I am so a talker also. I have a dialgoue going on.

Hope you enjoyed the movie - I remember reading the book as a child.

Enjoy your day.

Still just me said...

I want to see that movie, the little girl in it is from Denver I heard. Good to hear it is a good one, maybe I will take Logan.

Accidentally Me said...

SJM - If she hasn't read the book, you may want to do that first, or at least have some idea what it is about before you go.