Sunday, March 04, 2007

A PG-rated Post About The Boy

Once again...special shout out to my regular reader in La Jolla, CA for being the 4,000th visitor to my blog. Yay!!! She also gets a congratulations for recently discovering the wonders of semi-dorky boys...they are cuter, nicer, funnier and make MUCH better boyfriends than the generic hot ones do. That serves as a wonderful lead-in to today's topic.

I was chatting with Ally the other day, and I mentioned something about The Boy, and she responded with something like "I don't really feel like I know that much about him." That kind of took me by surprise, since I feel like I talk about him all the time. However, as I went back and looked, it seems like I mention him a lot, but I haven't really talk about him, per se. Obviously, that is a pretty big lapse on my part, and I would be remiss if I didn't rectify it in short order.

That means that today you (and by "you", I mean the small number of people who read on Sundays) get a really drippy love note about him:-) As a nod to Aaron's belief that I am a cheap slut incapable of non-sexual thoughts, I will keep this totally G-rated. (He didn't actually say that, he is much too polite for that:-)). This should also answer Aaron's criticism that I don't talk about non-Munchkin subjects enough. That part's actually pretty true...

Anyway, some background. He was born and grew up in a suburb about 25 miles north of Boston and graduated from high school there. He got the itch to go westward, so he went to The University of California in Berkeley. He worked in San Francisco for a little while after school, then came back this way to go to business school at Harvard (yes, I am name dropping to establish his smartness:-P). Since he graduated the second time, he has been working for a small money management firm in Boston in an analytical role.

He is really close with his family...he sees him Mother and Father regularly, and they are both fantastic (for a "how not to impress your potential future daughter-in-law", check in with Ella, and send her an e-hug...tough week). As I have covered a few times, he talks to his twin sister at least daily. That is, when they are not communicating by brainwaves...

He is not quite as close with his older brother and sister, but they all get along fine. His parents still live in the house they have been in for about 30 years, but they are both retiring soon (he is an accountant and she is a teacher) and are toying with the idea of selling the big house and moving into Boston to be closer to the two kids that are here. Both he and his sister would really love that, I think.

So...what is it that I love about him? Let's see...he makes me laugh, he is really, really funny. Not in a "class clown, center of attention" kind of way, but more in a really sharp, quick, witty kind of way. And he is really smart, even beyond the academic pedigree. He works incredibly hard, which I appreciate and admire. This has been the sticking point in several previous relationships of his...he is a borderline workaholic. It is something that I sort of like... I think that ambition is hot;-). At least for now...ask me again if we have kids someday...

He is also really good looking, too! He is a little bit on the tall side, and very lean. He's got black hair, green eyes and he may kind look a little bit like Christian Bale. It's not a real resemblance, but if I had to pick a famous person he looked like, that is the best I can come up with.

I love that he is so thoughtful, and that he always seems to know how to make me feel really, really special. Whether it is something he says, or a gesture, or just a little touch or a smile, he makes me feel like I am the only girl in the world. I have my share of quirks, many of which probably scare a lot of guys, but The Boy seems to be well-equipped to just roll with them. I don't need the attention or the affirmation that a lot of girls need, and I think that sometimes may come across as disinterest. He reads me very well.

Mostly, he just treats me like a princess and never complains about the fact that Munchkin comes ahead of him sometimes. He is perfectly willing to make a Saturday night dinner date into a party of three, for example. And in a much larger sacrifice, he understands and accepts that my "life schedule" is pretty dramatically altered on account of the surprise motherhood. In that sense, our relationship is gender-reversed...he is ready and willing to move faster and I am the one who tends to hesitate to move through new stages of the relationship. But it is certainly not out of some doubt about him.

And finally, I really like me with him. He makes me feel better about myself, helps me feel more confident and has absolutely made me a more thoughtful and compassionate person. I am a better person having known him.

So, I anticipate that there are some of you wondering if he is "the one." I feel pretty comfortable at this point saying that yes, he is (and we have spoken about this, so it's not news). I can absolutely envision marrying him and signing up for the "happily ever after." I think he will make a great husband and a great father, and I consider myself extremely lucky to have him as a part of my life. I do have some idea of a timetable, but I will keep that to myself for the time being...a girl has to have some secrets;-)

(Anyone who knows me just laughed at the notion that this would be my one "secret"...)

Anyway, that is a little more about The Boy...hopefully this gives you a little better idea of him. Feel free to pry if you think I have left anything out, I kinda like talking about him;-)


Ally said...

Finally! I feel like I have a much better "take" on the boy now (and know a little more than that he has...well, endurance, I suppose). It sounds like you two compliment each other well.

Accidentally Me said...

I would say "recovery skills" more than

I would like the record to indicate that it was Ally, and not me, that took the conversation there;-)

allbilly said...

i'll say that is the view from 30k feet. I don't feel like I know him yet other than he's super smart, is a workaholic and has a family and tolerates you....But...I don't need too.

Aaron said...

Two points:
1. I made one joke in poor taste about sex; which never inferred you were cheap, a slut or a combination of the both.
2. I don't ever recall saying anything of the such about your Munchkin blogs?


Accidentally Me said...

Billy - What else is there to know?

Aaron - You did make one in poor taste, but most of them are in fine taste, and I take no offense. And you have made more than one reference to the x-rated material.

The Munchkin reference was a comment to a post that was re-published last week.

And no...I do not think you were trying to say anything bad...I speak entirely in jest.

Still just me said...

He sounds wonderful! Good luck to all three of yall.

socal sweetie said...

Awww, thanks for the special shoutout!! I haven't had a chance to read any blogs because I've been holed up writing two essays...but after Tuesday I will be all caught up and ready to catch myself up on one of my FAVORITE blogs (yours of course!)

socal sweetie said...

oh and i loved reading about the boy. he sounds almost perfect!

ella w. said...

Thanks for the e-hug and just keeping me occupied via IM. It has been a super rough week for me, but I'll make it though.