Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bad tattoo stories?

Interesting thoughts on Valentine’s Day…people are kind of all over the place. If there is a consensus, it seems to be “Don’t worry too much about it, but don’t you fucking dare forget!!!” On the subject of it really being a kid’s holiday: Munchkin’s brother sent her flowers at school last year on Valentine’s Day, which was really, really sweet of him.

I have kind of a random topic today: really it is more of a discussion than it is anything else. I heard a radio ad for a tattoo removal product, and it got me thinking. Also, Tiffany has been telling about hers lately, as well, so it is front-of-mind. (If you missed it the first time and are curious, I have five tattoos and you can read about them if you’d like.) I like all of my tattoos, and all but one of them have some sentimental value.

My question is: do any of you have tattoos that you don’t like? Has anyone had one removed? Done over? What happened? Feel free to leave comments, or email stories to me and I can post them (or not if you would rather).

Obviously, some tattoos are pretty clearly going to last forever. Big Sis and Smoking Hot Roommate each have their dead mother’s initials done on their right hips. Very, very small (covered by a bikini) and really unlikely to ever be something that causes one of them to say “Gee, I wish I hadn’t gotten that done.” But obviously, not all tattoos are that well thought-out. So, I wanna hear some tattoo stories!!! Preferably bad ones, but I will take good ones, too!

Yes, this is totally a lazy girl’s post:-P


DIMPLES said...

I have one tat that I want removed very badly. I heard that it hurt more to get it removed then when it did getting done. Guess I'm stuck with it.

Still just me said...

I have 3. The first one I got at the age of 15, and it is in front by my pelvic bone. After 3 pregnancies it was looking really, really bad. I thought of getting it removed, but it was actually cheaper just to get it retouched. It has no meaning, I just picked a picture off the flash on the wall.

My second one I got as I was fighting the fact I was turning 30. It is on my upper back up towards my neck. It is the moon, and I took years to pick it. My first name means moon goodess, and my middle name actually means goddess of the moon.

My third was on impulse, lower bottom back. It is green ivy with a small shamrock in the middle to signify my irish husband.

My feeling is that all three represent a certian time in my life, whether I like them now or not. I think I will keep them as a reminder of who I am now.

Jordan said...

I don't have a tattoo.. I may get a teeny tiny one some day but NEVER will I put someone's name on me. I learned from Angelina Jolie.. hahahaha... who happens to look hideous with all her cover up work, hiding other tattoos. I thought maybe I'd get one on a hallmark bday, for symbolic gestures... now that it's approaching rapidly, I'm backing off from it. CHICKEN, I know!

e.b. said...

I find this so curious and fascinating as I have never had an inkling to get a tattoo. It is super intriguing to me to hear other's rationale and stories behind them.

Ally said...

A couple of years ago I encountered a tatoo on a guy--it was three monkeys ("See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil") in the most inopportune location. Of course, I burst out laughing and the mood was lost. he explained that he got it when he was 18 and was saving money to have it removed.

As for me, I'm glad I don't have one. It holds no appeal to me, although at one time it did--but I always had this idea that it could harm any future career I might want with the CIA or FBI if I was trying to go undercover (and didn't want an identifying mark). Yes, I have an overactive imagination.

brookem said...

I have 2. One, is on my lower back (so original, I know)-- but I got it years ago before it was really all the rage. It's a tiny flower, that doesn't have too much meaning. I got it in college. The other, I just got a couple months ago with two of my best friends- we all have a varying version of a small heart on the top of our right foot. My friend designed it. So it has a LOT of meaning. I don't want either removed and don't ever anticipate wanting them gone.

ella w. said...

I have 2. It was so much pain getting them in the first place, that I don't think I would want to go through the pain of getting them removed...not that I would want to anyways. They both have meaning to me - one I got when I was 24 and embarking a new phase of my life in NYC (I got a lotus) and the second I got last year which is the Sanskrit word for "wisdom" serves for me as a daily reminder to constantly pursue it.

I'm contemplating a 3rd one, but it getting one hurts like a mother!

Aaron said...

Now here is a story to exploit!

So which one of your tattoos was not well thought out??

DIMPLES said...

Well of my 5 tats, the one I want removed is the one I didn't think about. It was an impulse. Stupid me. I think I just wanted to get another tat so bad i didn't care.

Allen Madding said...

I have one tat. From what I've seen, the removal process still leaves some "after effects" that are visable and not so great. I've seen the tat artist do some amazing work retouching a tat and making it into something nice. You may want to consider some options. You may want to discuss it with a tat artist so you end up with the best result that you want.

Anonymous said...

I met a guy who told me the following story.
He had divorced his wife of some ten years, because of her continuing infidelity.
Several years after the divorce he found out his ex was spreading stories about him.
She accused him of all the things she herself was guilty of. And this had eventually been told to his parents too who in turn told him about it.
He planned his revenge thoroughly.
One day he and some of his buddies kidnapped his ex and took her on a boat from Florida to the Bahama's.
There they could work undisturbed on an uninhabited island and tattooed a big dragon all around her lower body. The head on her belly and the body ondulating around her hips and her buttocks. As they had plenty of time they enbellished that with many colorful flowers.
They took her back to Florida and released her.
The woman seems to have been a teacher in South Florida.

Anonymous said...

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