Sunday, January 21, 2007

Parties, etc.

Sorry I didn’t write yesterday, even though fewer people read on weekends anyway. I like to blog every day, but I was busy and the internet was all effed up for a bit, too. The good news is that you get a triple dose of my ultra-cute ass today:-) I have three things...

First things first…Friday night. Smoking Hot Roommate took Munchkin to the movies, and The Boy and I went out with some of his friends. I love his friends…they are a really close group of people that have known each other for between 8 and 20 years. It was a little weird to break into that kind of group early on, but once they like you, they are great people to be around. And I feel like part of the group now (I get invited to “Girls Lunch”, so I think I am in…) Like most of my friends (and I guess what’s his is mine now:-D) I don’t see them as much as I would like to. Which is my long-winded way of saying that I had fun.

I also had sort of a “moment”. I was talking to a couple of girls and I kept catching The Boy staring at me across the room. He looked like he was kind of listening to the guys he was talking to but wasn’t paying any attention. Because he was just looking at me…and that made me feel really special in a totally girly kind of way. Okay, that is super sappy, I know, and you can all make fun of me as much as you’d like. But I felt special:-P

And then I got laid like you wouldn’t believe…lol. That’s better, back to my old self again;-)

Second…my dinner party was awesome! I had so much fun playing hostess! The food worked out great, and I think everyone had a good time. I easily had the best looking date in the room, too…lol (if you forget, The Boy went skiing with his sister, so Smoking Hot Roommate was my date.) Incidentally, Big Sis took Munchkin to a benefit reception at the Museum of Fine Arts, which I just find hilarious. In all likelihood, Big Sis was the 2nd youngest person there…lol. Munchkin was just excited that she got to get really dressed up and wear fancy jewelry.

I also found out that two of the school parents are divorced, and have been for about three years (meaning longer than I have known them.) I never knew this, and always assumed they were still married because they are together at school events so much. Really, I hear so often about messy and debilitating divorces, and wanted to applaud their maturity.

My third thing… I talked with Tinkerbelle’s mom, who somewhat surprisingly decided that she wanted to bring ‘Belle to meet our father. That wouldn’t have been my decision, but I understand why she did it, and I guess I think it is a good idea if she does. She told me this, and also called my aunt to tell her (my father calls her regularly…every chance he gets to use the phone).

So, my aunt called me yesterday, kind of upset. I guess she asked him if he had asked me about what I found out after our last visit. He basically told her “No, I haven’t asked, and if you know anything, I don’t want to know.” And he wouldn’t budge from that. So fuck him, I guess…he clearly doesn’t want to meet his other daughter. I don’t know why.

Anyway, that is plenty for one blog entry. Once again, both the Bears and Patriots have games today, so there will be loads of football on all day. A friend has reserved a big section of a sports bar, so we are going over there to meet a whole mess of people. That means Munchkin gets another afternoon of hanging out with the big kids, chicken fingers, French fries and 7up and Cranberry Juice in fancy glasses…she’ll be in heaven!


Still just me said...

I think Belle needs to meet her father, I just wish she could be older when she did. IMO, she needs to see for herself what kind of person he is so she will never have any doubts about herself.

Hopefully her maturity level will be able to handle it. She will however, need all the support from those of you who love her so much.

Good luck.

Accidentally Me said...

Still Just Me - I am not sure I really made clear what happened. She is not going to meet her father because he does not want to meet her. He doesn't even want to know for sure whether he has another daughter or not. He is, for lack of a better word, an asshole.

ella w. said...

Hmmm...if your dad doesn't give a shit knowing about belle, then maybe she should skip the visit.

k.d. said...

"got laid you wouldn't believe"

now that's good news. heh. =)

brookem said...

AM- glad to hear you had fun with The Boy and friends. Your story about seeing him accross the room checking you out made me smile. Sounds like the party was a hit!
Hm, sorry about Tinkerbelle's dad....
And, SUCKS about the Pats. Wicked sucks.
I wonder if we've not seen each other out in Boston for all we know! I didn't go to the bar yesterday but wouldn't it be random to think we've been in the same place and not known it?

Accidentally Me said...

Brookem - I am usually pretty eays to spot in a bar...I am one with the 11 year old girl;-) Lol, ok, not all the time...but a lot!