Thursday, January 11, 2007

Wanna impress a fifth grader?

Based on Ella’s comment yesterday about Papa Bear being clueless about dealing with an 11-year-old girl (he’s not, but it is still a funny image), I asked him casually… “What do you have planned for the weekend?” He got really excited, he is way too funny.

“I will see if she wants to take the dog for a walk around the Common, and then we are going to go over to BC for a basketball game that afternoon. And I think we will go to Grill 23 for dinner [kind of a fancy place, but they serve macaroni and cheese…lol] and walk around a bit if she isn’t too tired. And Sunday we can go over to Jamaica pond with the dog for a while, and then find a place to watch the football games.”

Both the Bears and the Patriots play Sunday, which means six straight hours of Munchkin sitting in a sports bar eating chicken fingers and nachos and making new friends. She will totally be in heaven!!! Actually, that sounds like kind of a fun weekend. I am sort of jealous…

I have started on my sappy birthday tribute to Smoking Hot Roommate (whose age I mis-typed yesterday…oops!...I fixed it, though, she will be 23.) Her birthday is Monday, so I don’t know if I will post it before we leave or after we get home…depends on how fast I write;-)

Umm…that’s about it, I guess. I don’t have a whole lot to write about today. I have lunch with Boss Foxy, and she says she has some stuff she wants to talk about. I am not real sure what that means, but sometimes she sees really interesting deals or something out of the ordinary and explains it to me. I imagine that is what she is talking about.

Also…I left out one last note from the Big Sam Story. BFFb and Sam finally buried the hatchet last spring. It took four and a half years, but BFFg finally convinced the two of them to sit down and re-connect. I don’t think they are super buddy-buddy, but they are back to being friendly. I feel good about that.

Yeah, kind of a boring post…lol. I guess I can’t be brilliant every day!!!


Tiffany 24/7 said...

Mmmm macaroni and cheese!! It's making my hungry!
Can't wait to read about the tribute to SHR!

ella w. said...

Sounds like Munchkin is going to have a fabulous time with Papa Bear. It's so cute that they are buddies. I love that she picked out his lady friend for him. :)

Have a great time in Vegas! I'm actually off there myself in two weekends...for a wedding.

k.d. said...

6 straight hours in a sports bar? that's tough - i don't know if i could make that... heh. ;-)

Ally said...

I WANT a Papa Bear! He just sounds adorable. So do you need some post ideas now that you're all done with the big story? I would enjoy hearing about how you met the Boy:) Happy Thursday!

Accidentally Me said...

Tiffany - Grill 23 is a really upscale steakhouse...but you can get that as a side dish, so she will just get it for dinner. She loves acting like a grown-up, but she is still just a little kid;-)

Ella - Not only did she meet his lady friend, but she managed to find one that both of his daughters approve of. And let me tell you...getting Big Sis to sign off on a gf for her father is a TALL order.

k.d. - Little girl likes football;-)

Ally - It's not that great a story, but I will write it down for tomorrow:-)

brookem said...

That's cute! Munchkin has a good weekend planned again! That girl has it good! :)

Still just me said...

I am jealous of Munchkin. I wish I had a Papa Bear while I was growing up!