Monday, January 29, 2007

Teaser alert...

Monday, Monday, Monday…phooey. I like weekends better. It is not shaping up to be too terribly busy this week, although I do have to go to New York on Thursday, but just for the day.

I’m also going to Chicago the weekend after next. Munchkin’s brother was gonna come out to visit, but I would like to see Tinkerbelle, and it is always good to see friends and (some) family. So, I told him to just sit tight and we would come and see them. The big news this time is that The Boy is coming…he has never been back home with me, so he is in for a couple of days of immersion. We will see how he does;-)

Then I am going skiing the weekend after that. OK, there is no way that I will do any actual skiing (although I have always wanted to be a super-cool snowboard chick, I feel like that would be a good time.) Munchkin’s friend’s parents are bringing five girls up to their ski house for the long weekend, so I volunteered to go with them and help out. I have no idea what I was thinking…lol. Actually, it will probably give me a lot of time to read, do some work and relax…I imagine that everyone will be out of the house all day and I will have some quiet.

I was going to present a discussion topic today, but I’m gonna hold that off until tomorrow. I have already heard from some of you via IM with your thoughts, but I wanna open it up wider. So, you have that to look forward to;-)


k.d. said...

hm, so you're something like a "ski house nanny"? right? ;-)

Ally said...

I am "going to present a discussion topic" sounds like you're our teacher and giving a presentation. Should be entertaining! No hints?

Can you just wait and go to NYC next Thursday, so we can do lunch:)?