Friday, January 12, 2007

The Boy, Marriage, Etc.

I got a request yesterday to talk about how I met The Boy. I wish it were a more romantic story, but I guess not everything has to be en epic tale. The truth is that we got set up by Big Sis. He is a “friend of a friend” of hers, kind of. She has known him for a couple years and felt like we might hit it off.

Actually, I realize that I already wrote this story…lol. And, true to form, it is in two parts. I am starting to think that maybe I write too much…I should make more use of my editing skills.

Anyway, that was about two months ago, and not a whole lot as changed. He is still super-cute and I love him dearly, and I think he still kinda likes me, too:-) Obviously, going through the Holidays for the first time is kind of a big thing because it is such an important family time. He has a large, close family, and they are definitely in the practice of “passing judgment” on people. I mean that in a very good way…they all have very high standards for each other and look at new partners with a critical eye. Not that anyone is at all mean or unfair about it. Regardless, I am pretty sure they all like me…hee hee.

The obvious next question is marriage, which we have definitely discussed. Not in a “should we, when, etc.” kind of way, but more a “what are your expectations?” kind of way. I think it is more common for him to get the “When are you getting married?” questions …he is a little older than me, and is the only one of four kids that is not married. I also have no parents to bug me about it, which contributes.

And the answer is: not terribly soon. I can most certainly see myself marrying him…but I still don’t really wanna think about it for a while. Things are moderately more complicated because of the little one, but not really…just adds an additional priority. Mostly, I just feel like I am young and there is no need to be overly anxious to make lifelong decisions. If it is right, then it will still be right in a couple of years.

That doesn’t mean that I have never done imaginary wedding planning, though:-) I am a girl after all!!! And with Big Sis and SHR both getting married soon-ish, it has been sort of front-of-mind.

What I have realized is that I will likely have an enormous wedding party! I have been blessed over the course of my life to have a large number of extremely important people come into my life. Munchkin, BFFg, Smoking Hot Roommate and Big Sis will all have to be there with me, or else I would feel like I was leaving a lot of myself out of the ceremony. And…I would feel really bad if The Body, The Mouth, My Two Favorite Cousins and The Boy’s sister were not there with me, too. And Tinkerbelle, too! Can’t forget her! That is 10, and leaves out some really good friends and close family members…and doesn’t count either Papa Bear or BFFb (I’m allowed to have two people give me away, right? I have to work on that…)

Anyway, I guess that is a good problem to have, and I have plenty of time to work it out;-) Big Sis’ wedding is next summer and I am looking forward to it. Let’s all pray that I am still taller than Munchkin by then…I don’t wanna be the shortest bridesmaid!!!


brookem said...

How long have you been with The Boy? Just two months? Maybe I misunderstood. Not all stories of "how we met" are all romantic- what matters is it was still special, because you're still together:)
Munchkin is going to be a bridesmaid for SHR? That's ADORABLE.
When do you leave on your trip? How long you gone for? HAVE FUN.

brookem said...

PS- Is it just me, or does the "comment moderation" word that we need to type seem to be getting longer?

Accidentally Me said...

My bad...I wrote those two posts two months ago, that is what I meant. And not much has changed since I wrote them. We have been sort of "seeing each other" for about a year and a half, but exclusively dating since last spring.

And yes, cutest bridesmaid ever! This is her second wedding...she was a flower girl for one of my cousins last summer (not her cousin, but super sweet and wanted Munchkin involved;-))

We leave tomorrow morning, hopefully pretty early! I don't wanna dilly dally and lose time! Back Tuesday;-)

Tiffany 24/7 said...

Fun Fun!! Did you finish your tribute to SHR? :) I know you'll have a BLAST in Vegas!

The way I view marriage (at least for myself) is why rush it? We pretty much know it'll happen, so why change a good thing at the moment? I know after a few years I may change my opinion... but for now "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" hehehe

Still just me said...

I agree with Tiffany- don't rush. Enjoy the ride.

Jordan said...

yeah.. don't make me have a "talk" with you like I have to do with GLB over (ct)... take your time. But then again, you've been dating the boy longer than he's been dating the girl... but anyway, a year + of dating is good before you make those decisions!