Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I have two more people to introduce you to, my oldest and dearest friends, who get the appropriate monikers of BFFb and BFFg…one is a boy and one is a girl, duh. And they are super-mega-hyper awesome and are my other halves (2 other thirds maybe?) They still live in Chicago and I am trying to get them to move out here because that is the ONLY thing I dislike about being here, not seeing my two best buddies more often.

I met them when I was about 4. We moved into a new house on a new street (where my mother lived until she died) and BFFb was the troublemaking little boy across the street, which means he immediately became my friend:-). BFFg lived two houses down and was friends in short order as well. The three of us have a lot in common…dirt poor, no fathers and all of the experiences that come with that. But we benefited from each other…I always felt like nothing could really break me if I had my two BFF’s around.

There was a fourth for a while. In about sixth grade, High School Boyfriend moved in and the troika became a quad. I guess the fact that I call him HSBF sort of gives away where the story goes, but there is a lot more to it for some other day.

BFFb and BFFg have separate but equally important places in my heart. BFFg because she has been my closest friend forever and was the one I most often stayed with when my mother was, um…“incapacitated”…and I needed a place to stay. She is still the one I call first when I have something, either good or bad, that I really need to tell someone. And she did all kinds of big sister things with Munchkin when I was away;-)

And BFFb because I think he is my most loyal friend. I trust him absolutely and completely. That might not make a lot of sense, but when I finally get to the High School Boyfriend story, you will understand what I mean. But for now I will say that he has demonstrated through words and actions that he will blindly observe my best interest, even if it is uncomfortable for him. And I would do the same for him. He is also really hot, and currently single…take note, ladies, I can totally hook you up;-)

Ooh… that reminds me of another post, but I wanna write that one separate. But I think I can get it done before my 1:30, so check right back…

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