Tuesday, November 28, 2006

That's Ms. SENIOR Analyst to you, Bub...

Yippee!!! Raises for me! I believe I have mentioned before that I am getting promoted as of December 1. I will no longer be the only analyst at the firm…now I will be the only Senior Analyst. Yeah!!!

I got clued into this a while ago, but my official review and salary adjustment meeting was this morning. I have to say, it is kind of intimidating…you go into the room and the partners are all sitting around the big granite table and you are supposed to sit facing them.

It is maybe a little bit inquisitive, so even though the partners include one person (who is really in charge) who is my almost-adopted father, and another who I could count as a close friend (Boss Foxy), I was still kind of nervous. Then they break out a big huge binder full of stuff…mostly reviews written by basically everyone in the firm about you. The 360 degree review process here is a REAL 360 degrees…that makes the nerves even worse.

Long and short, the news was basically good. They like me:-) They really like me!!! What is even better, they are willing to like me 15.7% more next year than they did this year. This is really the first raise I have ever gotten (never been at another job long enough, and last year I got kind of a token because I had just started). My guess is that this is much, much bigger than normal, but I guess I have nothing to compare it to.

I also think that I am supposed to talk about how it’s not the money that is good, it is the recognition of my contributions and all that jazz. While all of that is true, in reality, it really is the money. Lol…I know, shallow of me.

The truth is that I love my job…I like everyone I work with, I am always challenged, I find it interesting, I meet great people, and I feel like I learn a couple new things every day. Add to that the convenient fact that I get paid much more than I could anywhere else, and I think it is fair to say that I couldn’t think of a job I would rather have (ok, maybe underwear model if I got Heidi Klum’s body, too…)

Since I already like coming to work every day, the addition of a big fat raise is certainly nothing but a big fat good thing;-)


Nicole D. said...

Congrats Ms SENIOR analyst! (Insert high 5 emoticon if I had one..lol). They would not be giving you a nice big fat raise if you did not ROCK!!!

Ally said...

Yeah for you!! Raises make working more fun! I think the typical raise is 3-5% or so, although my first raise was 18% which really really made me happy (but it was kind of making up for a slightly subpar starting pay). Sounds like you've got a great job and that you're really good at it. Congratulations!

Bob said...

Well congratulations Ms. senior analyst! Drinks all around!