Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dinner with the Boy's parents

So, I am offsite today and only have a second to write...but I have a good story. I was supposed to meet The Boy and his parents for dinner last night, which we do maybe once every two months.

And his parents are awesome...I like them a lot and I think they like me. They were crushed when Munchkin couldn't come with me to their daughter's wedding (The Boy's twin sister). But that doesn't mean I want to hang out with them on my own just yet.

But that is what happened. I got a call from him "Really sorry, I am stuck here, gonna be 10 minutes late." Well, the 10 became 20 and then an hour. Which meant I just hung out and had dinner with his parents. After about half an hour his father announced that he wasn't waiting any more and was ordering. Which was good, because I was starving:-)

He finally made it to the restaurant as we were paying the bill...good timing!!!

I am not really complaining, to be honest. Like I said, I like his parents a lot and they are fun people. It is just a little weird to be alone with Fortunately his mother has a lot more sense than to ask awkward questions like "When are you two getting married?"

Three good things actually came out of it. First, I do feel like I know his parents better, which is good. Second, dinner was And third, he felt guilty enough to really do his best to make it up to me afterwards. Which translated into like a solid hour of oral sex, which I will NEVER complain about. He sure knows the way to my heart;-)

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