Thursday, November 16, 2006

A not nice story:-(

This one is gonna be kind of a bummer, so I am sorry, but it seems like it fits here.

Dimples left a comment to the last post about Whore Bag Aunt, and since I have a bit of food coma at the moment, I am feeling mellow enough to finish that story. This is the real reason that I would like to slice her up with dull razor blades, pour salt on her and then light her on fire. That may sound harsh, but don’t fuck with the Munchkin or my kind-hearted Niki turns into a Jessica real quick (Heroes reference…and Ali Larter is hot…)

Anyway, I got a call from Munchkin’s uncle in July…this being the one member of her family that I have always gotten along really well with. He said that the family court needed just one thing to close out a file on us: some receipt that I still had the money that my Mom left. I was a little confused…my mother had a small life insurance policy through work that went mostly to pay for her funeral and some bills. The little bit that was left I gave to Papa Bear because he was just about to pay Munchkin’s tuition for the semester. But that was left to both of us and I didn’t see why the court cared about it.

And he said “No, not that money. The money that she had left over from her husband and left for Munchkin.” I was completely dumbfounded…how could no one have told me this? How could my fucking mother never tell me this?!?!?

Here is what happened: Munchkin’s father died about five years before then. He left about $125,000 from life insurance to my mother. Surprisingly, she didn’t totally waste it. She paid expenses, paid some of her own medical costs, spent some on Munchkin, etc. By the time she died, there was about $25,000 left which was left to Munchkin (it may have been hers all along…can a mother and daughter have a joint account? Or a trust account? I am not really sure…not that important.)

Again, I never heard about this. My idiot mother (I know I shouldn’t speak ill of the dead, my bad) left her sister, Aunt Whore Bag, as the trustee and neither of them thought that this was something I should be aware of. I was a little irritated that my Aunt would let me take upwards of $20,000 a year in private school tuition from my friends while Munchkin had all this money put away, but mostly I just wanted to make the court happy. So I called Aunt Whore Bag to get a statement or something to show that the money was still there.

The second I asked, I knew that something was up. First, she acted totally fake-surprised that I hadn’t known about it. And then she immediately started backpedaling “Well, the money was for her benefit and I was supposed to decide what she would want and what was in her interest and what was good for her.” This is about when I started to get ultra-furious.

I asked her how much of it was left, and she still wouldn’t give me an answer. “Some of it has been loaned to her cousins…Billy needed this and Joey needed that and Uncle Tommy broke his tooth. I know that she would have wanted to help her family members, and they will pay it back.”

I am sorry, but I simply do not have the words to talk about what a bunch of evil fucking skunks these people are. Who steals from a 10 year old orphan?!?! How low on the scale of human excrement do you have to be to do that? My aunt and a bunch of our other family members looked at this as a completely free pile of money that was theirs to do with as they saw fit. Never mind that it belonged to a little kid with no parents.

After about half an hour, she told me that there was about $6,000 left. I politely told her that if Munchkin didn’t get a check for what was left, along with all of the statements from the account with a detailed record of who took what money that I was going to sick every lawyer I could find on her. And that I would never speak to her again, that she was not to try and speak to either me or Munchkin and that she should inform the rest of the family that I knew who took what and felt the same way about all of them.

I also called her all kinds of names, including the C-Bomb, a word I had never before used and likely never will again use. Actually, I think I called her a shitty, dirty, fucking C-Bomb…

Anyway, she did send the check, and I do know exactly who took what. I gave the check to Papa Bear for some of her school. I would sue her for the rest, but she doesn’t have anything to claim. For now I just ignore her when she calls me all the time crying apologies…and I can’t bring myself to tell Munchkin any of this, either.

About two weeks ago we got a really apologetic letter from one of our cousins and a check for like $750 along with a promise to pay the other $500 he took, claiming that he didn’t even know it was her money, and that Aunt Whore Bag just told him she would lend it to him. That gets him back in my good graces.

I am not mad about the money. Like I said, the money would have gone to her tuition, which is generously provided for otherwise, so it is not like we would actually have any extra money lying around. It is much more than that…how can people who are supposed to love her steal from her? How can someone look at the most vulnerable kind of person, a child with no parents, and steal from her? How could you possibly look yourself in the mirror? I know I can’t stand seeing her, so I don’t know how she stands looking at herself.

Anyway, that is why I don’t speak to a bunch of people in my family, and why I wish evil things upon my mother’s sister, Aunt Whore Bag.

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SoMi's Nilsa said...

Generally speaking, people do bad things, illegal things, unethical things all the time. And until they're caught, most of them/us don't feel one bit of remorse. Or guilt.

I speed all the time. It's illegal. And I shouldn't do it. But, I do without a thought. Until one day, I'll get slapped with a huge fine for speeding and my insurance will go up and all sorts of other horrible things. And then I'll likely rethink my stance on speeding.

Not that stealing from a child is remotely like speeding. But take things on a small scale and expound on them. Eventually you're doing horrible things on a big scale without a second thought.

Well, maybe you're not. Nor me. But, there are people out there where filters just don't exist. And like you, I choose not to speak to them either.