Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I hear horror stories all the time about traveling with kids…they get bratty, there is too much stuff to carry, they don’t behave. So I almost feel guilty in this, but I love traveling with Munchkin. And by that, I don’t mean taking vacations and seeing places with her…I mean the physical act of passing through airports and cabs and the like. She gets so excited because it is kind of an adventure for her and that is infectious.

By the time we got to the terminal last Friday, we had almost two hours before the flight took off, so we sat in a restaurant and ate nachos and giggled a lot. That’s a prime people-watching spot…in an airplane terminal on a busy Friday. And when you aren’t rushing to get anywhere, it is kind of a fun place to hang out. Plus, she just meets people where she goes. Sure enough, we struck up a couple of different conversations with random people who sat near us (she has no problem telling a complete stranger "Your shirt is really pretty," or "You look like my friend’s mother," lol.)

Anyway, I know that sounds stupid, no one likes airports, but I do think traveling with her is a lot of fun.

I have discovered one thing about having a kid with you…you HAVE to check bags. If I travel on my own, I would just as soon stuff everything into the biggest carry-on they will allow me, but that just doesn’t work when you are already dragging a kid around. Sure, waiting for a bag on the other end is a pain, but it is well worth the trouble of not having to pull it through the airport, get it through security (along with the kiddo) and everything else. We packed in one bag, put our coats in the bag when we got to the airport and then had just backpacks with books, magazines and a sweatshirt each. It relieves an enormous amount of the hassle (as long as they don’t lose your bag!).

So that is my travel advice;-)

Company Christmas party tonight, which I am looking forward to. Munchkin is going, too…special invitation from the big boss;-) She gets to sit at the head of the table next to Papa Bear, which makes her feel super important and awfully cool. I have been out of the office for so much recently that I feel like I haven’t seen some of the people I work with in forever. And I definitely haven’t seen their wives/girlfriends/husbands, etc, most of whom I genuinely like.

Anyway, that is all I have for you today. If you think that I am avoiding the subject I alluded to yesterday, well…you’re right. I am. At least for another day.


Ally said...

Traveling with Munchkin does sound like fun. I always look forward to meeting people in the airport and on the plane. I always think the next step in my life (career wise, etc.) will be from something random (like chatting with someone in the security line), and I love hearing people's stories. I've learned about all sorts of jobs I didn't even know existed, and now I'm always sure to bring business cards with me. You never know!

Still just me said...

I used to play a game when I traveled as a child. I would make up all kinds of stories to tell the other passengers who were willing to talk with me. Did you know that I was once an Arabian Princess?

socal sweetie said...

Have fun at the Christmas party! Also, traveling with Munchkin does sound lots of fun. I'm one of those people that love being in airports because I'm so excited as well! I love the feeling of knowing I'm about to be in an entirely new place after leaving the airport, and I love all of the excitement I see from other people about to start their own journies as well. Haha, I think the whole process is fun.