Monday, December 04, 2006

The second tree

Back to my story…I promise it gets better than it has been…lol. I went to bed before hearing from The Boy Saturday night and I was not real happy about it. I kind of figured that we would have to have an awfully uncomfortable “talk” the next day, which made me feel kind of sick to my stomach.

I got a text message from him at about 3:30, though… “Love you. Miss you. Don’t want to fight. I am sorry for being ass. Breakfast tomorrow?” That made me feel a whole lot better…I am not really in the mood to go through a breakup this month… Of course, I also knew that he was probably kinda drunk, so I figured I would make him work for it and texted him back to meet me at 8:00. Yeah, mean of me, I know, but that’s what he gets:-P

Anyway, we did have kind of a “talk” but it was all good. His sister actually called me at about quarter of 8:00 to tell me that he had called her the night before and was all crazy because he thought he had fucked up. Which is also kind of cute…and let me in on what I was gonna hear at breakfast.

Anyway, we had a lengthy discussion, only a little bit of which I want to get into here. I guess the nutshell is that I am a pain in the ass to date (my words, not his) but he is ok with that. I think I have to say at this point, as I have before, that he is abundantly patient and understanding. He’s hot, he’s got a great job and very few of his friends need to clear time on their babysitting schedules to hang out....meaning that he could probably have less aggravation in his life with someone else.

One of his very best friends just got engaged last week…to a girl that he started dating at almost the same time that we first began dating (about a year and a half ago.) To be honest, I think he is probably a little jealous of the simplicity. They met, they became infatuated, dated a lot, took some vacations together, moved in together in September and now are getting married. Then they can work on having kids shortly after that. Nice and easy, just like they draw it up in the books.

But I am not quite that simple…I come with some baggage. Really cute and fun baggage, but baggage nonetheless. If he had shown up for breakfast and said “This just isn’t gonna work. I need someone who can make me more of a priority and is on a timeline I want to be on,” then I would have been really upset, but I would have understood.

The good news is that he didn’t say that, or even anything close. I think he just had a brief crisis when he thought about the fact that a “timeline” for us won’t lead to marriage for probably three years, minimum (ok…I can’t even believe I just wrote that, it gives me hives…) I don’t know when I would think about having kids… maybe never.

Anyway, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted after that. I definitely wanted to…um…
“seal the deal”, so to speak…but he was clearly exhausted, so I figured I would give him a couple hours to rest. And shower…lol.

I went back over to his place during the football games later to help him decorate his Christmas tree and have a whole bunch of sweaty sex. I don’t know if I would say it was make-up sex, since we weren’t really fighting. Mostly I just hadn’t been laid in almost a week and had some serious fucking to get out of my system. And so did he, which led to a pretty good afternoon…actually a playful kind of fun sex afternoon that involved some whipped-cream-enhanced oral sex.

I don’t really think I would normally qualify as “kinky” per se, but I do like to have fun. And I was certainly not in the mood to object to some relationship-repairing fun sex. So if he wants to spend an hour giving me oral sex with whipped cream, well who am I to object?

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Bob said...

Well that sounds like an afternoon of fun.... Take your time on the whole marriage racket, three years is probably a good idea.