Monday, December 18, 2006

Back home

I feel like I have two worlds. World #1 is nicely aligned, works smoothly and is generally enjoyable. It includes a good job, good friends, comfortable living, great boyfriend and basically a pretty nice day to day life. World #2 involves a constantly stressful, poisonous, evil bunch of people that I am stuck with because I am related to them. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these people, and why can’t they be anything other than hideous people?

That’s kind of unfair, most of them are pretty nice and I like seeing them a lot. And I really got blindsided this weekend with something that is gonna take me a while to think through, and I am keeping that to myself for now. I guess other than that it was actually a pretty good weekend. I just wish it wasn’t always so involved.

The good part is that I saw my father’s family for dinner on Friday when we got there and that was really nice. They are super, super people. I also had a pretty nice visit on Saturday with Munchkin’s family (which basically means that I didn’t have to see the Aunt that sued me…other than that I sort of like them all, to a point).

Munchkin and her brother had a date Saturday night, and I took her brother’s girlfriend out with both BFF’s. That was really fun, too…I don’t think his girlfriend gets out a lot. Not that he keeps her locked up or anything (he doesn’t go out much either) but I just think she is really shy and kind of timid and would just rather stay in or do something quiet with him. She really only has one close friend nearby, and that girl has two little kids, so I don’t think they do a lot of club hopping. So it was nice to get her out and have her let her hair down a bit.

I ended up staying up with BFF(boy) until about 5am, so I am really, really tired. It was useful, though, he helps me talk through things like no one else can. I did see some of my Mother’s family Sunday, but none of the ones that really suck. And Munchkin didn’t ask where they were, which was kind of a relief. She probably has a sense of it, she is really perceptive.

And I solved the problem from Friday. Munchkin is going to go to Chicago for a week in August to stay with her brother, and then they are all going to come back here and stay at the beach for a week after that. So she gets to see him, I don’t have to worry overly about what will go on when I am not around, she gets to show him her summer haunt, and they get a free vacation out of it. I say everyone wins…

Anyway, that’s all for now, I have a lot more to talk about but now isn’t the time. Ciao.


Dimples said...

Glad you are back!

Can't wait to hear about what you got blindsided by...must be juicy!

k.d. said...

ah! travel plans! you're a traveler too, like your sis? ;-)

ella w. said...

The good thing is that you only have to see family #2 once a year.

I am glad you solved the munchkin issue. You are much more mature than I was at your age.

Accidentally Me said...

Dimples - I guess it is sort of juicy, but that is probably not quite the right word.

k.d. - I think she does more interesting travel than I do. She leaves for the Carribean next Tuesday.

Ella W. - It is really three families. My fathers family is great and I love them. Our mother's family is the one that stole Munchkin's money...some of them at least. And then there is Munchkin's father's family. I get along with some of them pretty well and some others not at all. I probably see them all at least a couple of times a year, some more and some less.

Ally said...

That's a great solution for Munchkin's visit with her brother.

And it does stink that we don't choose our biological family. Thankfully you've chosen a "family" that you're able to spend much of your time with, and I know that must make all the difference in the world. Can you imagine if the yucky family was all you had? Anyway, I'm glad your trip went well, and I'm soooo jealous of Munchkin's upcoming travels.

Big Sis said...

Don't worry about those people, kiddo. It will all work out and you will be happier because of it.

Those of us that count you as family will always take care of you!

Dimples said...

well isn't it nice that big sis finally made a cameo (not that she has any idea who I am, but I hear about her all the time). Sorry she kept it so g-rated, I hear it's so unlike her, I was expecting