Thursday, December 14, 2006

Revisiting Girl Power!!!

True to form...I start to talk about getting laid, and everyone shuts up;-) Except for Dimples, thanks Chica!!! Anyway, kind of a special "nighttime" post here. Usually I post in the morning, but I am feeling bloggy and I don’t know that I will get the chance in the morning, so I will do it now.

If you haven’t yet, go back and read my favorite post ever (check the links on the right). Tomorrow (Friday) I am actually taking Boss Foxy to school to meet with the girls I mentioned there. OK, we are leaving the office at 11:00, going to get massages before lunch and then going to school, but who is counting. I have something of an unhealthy addiction to getting massages. Anyone willing to help me out with that?

Lol…I just had this conversation:

Munchkin: Whatchya doing?
Me: I am writing my blog.
Munchkin: You have a blog?
Me: Yes.
Munchkin: Do you talk about me?
Me: Yeah, all the time.
Munchkin: Can I read it?
Me: Um…no.
Munchkin: Meanie [pouting]

She is unbelievably cute when she pouts. I think it drives her crazy that she tries to pout and all it does is make me smile at her. She is just way too cute for her own good.

I am also taking her out of school a little early because we have a 5:00 flight to Chicago. Her brother invited her to come out and stay with him for at least a couple of weeks next summer, which I have to think about on the plane ride and talk to him about when we get there…and I have to think about what I will tell her if she asks why we aren’t going to see some of our Mother’s family.

Any reason I shouldn’t let her go? I think I should, so long as the schedule works…she has Big Sis’ wedding she needs to be here for (cutest bridesmaid ever!!!) but other than that, I think she will be free. It will also save me from having to find something for her to do for a while, which is a HUGE pain in the ass.
Anyway, I may check in tomorrow, but I can’t promise;-)


Ally said...

What would her cousin do with Munchkin all day while he's working? I think so long as you think he'll take good care of her and doesn't mind being away from home for a few weeks, then you should let her go. Maybe one week is enough for the first time though. Just a thought.

p.s. You better be clearing your history, etc. on your computer, or Munchkin might find your blog. She sounds pretty clever.

ella w. said...

I think you should let Munchkin go, but I don't know about a couple of weeks...there are probably healthier ways for her to spend her time...

k.d. said...

hm. now you tell me what an *unhealthy addiction* to getting massages is...

addictive? yes! unhealthy? no! LOL

Dimples said...

I'm kinda indifferent on this. I think it would be nice for her to go out and visit her brother and all, but you don't know what kind of brain washing the other members of the family will to do her if they go and visit.

I like sex!! Talk on sister!!

Accidentally Me said...

Ally - He is going to take his some vacation time when she is there, so I am not real worried about what they would do. The idea of one week sounds a lot better, though... And I usually blog from my work computer, so she doesn't ever use this

Ella W - Ditto on the timeframe.

k.d. - Unhealthy because it costs like $100 every time I do it:-) That is why I am looking for volunteers

Dimples - I am not terribly concerned about that. She wouldn't see any of our Mom's family, really (her brother has a different mother) and I feel like he has set his own family straight on her long-term living plans. But you are right that it is at least in the back of my mind...

Jordan said...

What does Munchkin want to do during the holiday?

Idea: Make a blog that Munchkin can read too... not saying give this one up (never)... but make another one that she can read. If she likes that kind of stuff.

nicole d. said...

I agree with one week. She would probably miss you a lot, not to mention SHR and the rest of your entourage. Have a great trip by the way!