Saturday, December 30, 2006

It's Snowing

Snowing out...really the first snow we have gotten all year. Which led to the following exchange with Munchkin...

Me: Hey kiddo, you are missing the first snow of the year.
Munchkin: Yeah, well, it is like 80 degrees here. I will be ok.

So that put me into my place, I Smoking Hot Roommate and I are kind of doing some decorating. She just bought some new furniture (we had some empty rooms...) and we are figuring out where stuff should go. Later, we are gonna go and liberate some stuff from Pottery Barn and the like...

OK, when I say we are "decorating", what I really mean is that we are changing our minds about stuff and The Boy and The Adorable Dork are moving heavy things:-D Somehow, I imagine he will turn this into an excuse to demand backrubs later on.

Boston note...I love Abe and Louie's...if there is a better restaurant in the city, I don't know about it. Totally top-notch, completely unpretentious...just a brilliant place.

Anyway...any interesting New Year's plans? We (me, The Boy, Big Sis, the Brain Surgeon, SHR, Adorable Dork, Papa Bear and his lady friend who I haven't named yet...) are going to a party at a hotel downtown. I believe it is a Cancer Society benefit, but I could be wrong about that. The boys all get to wear tuxedos, which I just think makes any guy hot.

Which reminds me that I completely kissed Big Sis last New Years Eve. The Brain Surgeon was out of town, so she was stag that night. Midnight came and I had had just enough drinks to decide that it was a good idea to plant one on her...she is a very good kisser;-) Who knows, it could well be a tradition...we'll see.

Anywho...that is about all I have today. Interesting feedback on the money discussion, I may get back to it next week if the mood strikes. So, if I don't check in tomorrow, Happy New Year, everyone! Hope it is a good one for everyone!


brookem said...

Hey, Happy New Year!
Where's Abe and Louie's? I've lived here forever and never heard of it- what's the deal?

Aaron said...

I'd rather wear a fashionable suit than a tux.. but beggers can't be choosers. Some of us guys need all the edge we can get. ;)